Backgrounder of the game

Backgrounder of the game

IPL Fantasy League is an online game where cricket lovers can form their virtual teams by using real-life players from the teams playing the match. There are numerous contests available in the IPL Fantasy League from which you can choose one for participation and increase the chances of your winning by making different combinations. While creating the virtual teams, you should take into account several factors, such as the previous performance of the players, scoring of runs, wickets taken, strike rates, holding catches, number of boundaries and sixes, etc.

It is often said that these fantasy leagues are only meant for lucky people, but you can also become lucky by taking several strategies for winning huge cash. Some of them are mentioned below.

Some rules to abide by

  • Get hold of the rules

Before entering into the fantasy leagues, one should get hold of the rules and study them thoroughly, such as earning points, budget constraints, team formation, etc. You will be lagging far behind by not proceeding as per the rules of the game.

  • Budget limitation

Forming fantasy teams are not as simple as it seems to be because there are a lot of budget constraints. The best way is to tackle this is to form your team with mix and match of big and young players respectively. In this way, the team will be balanced also.

  • Make a team with tactics

Cricket lovers are already aware that while forming a perfect team a blend of at last 2 batsmen, 2 bowlers, 1 all-rounder, and 1 wicket-keeper is required along with the selection of the other 5 players. However, all-rounders are always the most preferred and best option.

  • The pivotal role of pitch

The pitch plays a very pivotal role in cricket. Some are batsmen-friendly while others are bowler-friendly.  The result of the match entirely depends upon the nature of the pitch. The possibility of scoring four runs is very less in a wet pitch as the ball is not able to roll out very fast.

  • Linked to previous performances

IPL league is a game of impetus hence it is always preferable to keep a close check and select only those players who are currently in form.

Grab exciting rewards

Once you have installed and registered on the cricket fantasy app, select your team carefully based on previous performances and skills of the players. The player also needs to keep track of various leagues and their formats. There should be a perfect blend of the most unique and suitable players in order to grab exciting prizes. Once the match is over, your earnings are calculated and reflected in your wallet. Hence, play wisely and earn while playing.

Wrap Up

Cricket fans should follow the rules of the game judiciously. They should choose the most suitable and best players to create their virtual team. This will enhance the chances of winning more cash.

Bonnie Baldwin