Beginner’s guide for tape gagged sex

Beginner’s guide for tape gagged sex

If bondage and being a tape gagged in bed makes you horny, you are not the only one. Many studies found that huge number of people have a strong desire to try bondage, and many of them already tried it. So far, no woman has complained about bondage. They even had multiple orgasms when they were gagged. A girl in underwear, handcuffed, is one of the best scenes you can see in your bedroom.

You are both responsible for defining rules and respecting them if you want to experience maximum mutual satisfaction. Don’t agree to anything that seems too dangerous or painful. You don’t want that, you want to enjoy, you do not want to be afraid. If this is your first attempt of tape gagged sex, you probably feel a little impatient. This is normal, but it’s still not the wisest idea to try everything at once, take one step at the time.

Watch clips and movies and learn how to be tape gagged the right way. You are both ready for an exciting sexual game, not discomfort or pain. Pain is acceptable to some degree, but you don’t want to have bruises. Using a tape is not that easy, you need to follow some tips and tricks how to tape yourself or your partner so he or she cannot untie himself or herself.

Maybe your partner is too gentle after he or she tape gagged you. That’s not the point of these sex games. If you didn’t even feel anything, you will not feel arousal neither. Feel free to talk to your partner openly about anything you like and you don’t like. Your partner may be afraid of hurting you, and you can help him by taking your hand and show how far he or she can go.  For some women, it will be enough if her partner blindfolds her during the doggy style sex. Experiment and enjoy while you try it.

Bonnie Baldwin