Benefits of Clean Water

Benefits of Clean Water

A human body needs to be well hydrated to maintain health and well being. Sadly, many people are not drinking enough water that their bodies need. Access to water is a basic human right. But humans need not just water but clean water. And clean water means safe for human consumption. Drinking enough clean water generally benefits human health. Let’s break down some of the most important health benefits of having clean water to drink.

Clean Water Hydrates the Skin

Drinking enough clean water helps rejuvenate the skin making it supple and soft. Dehydration dries the skin and can lead to skin irritations, wrinkling, and other serious skin disorders. Washing the skin with clean water helps kill bacteria that may also cause other skin infections.

Clean Water Helps Produce Saliva and Mucus

Saliva helps in the digestion process of our body. It helps break down food easily and serves as a lubricant when swallowing food. Mucus helps in lubricating the eyes to prevent irritation that can lead to eye problems. The nose needs moisture to protect its inner linings and the mucus also serves as a filter to dust and other small particles that may enter the lungs.

Clean Water Regulates Body TemperatureTo learn more about the benefits of water filtration, visit USA Berkey to learn more

Our body needs to maintain the average normal temperature of 37-degree Celsius. If the body overheats veins may rupture and may cause serious health problems and even loss of life. Clean water helps maintain the normal temperature of the body. If a person is active and sweats a lot due to strenuous activities, the body temperature rises due to the loss of water in the body.

Clean Water Helps with the Circulation of Oxygen in the Body

Our blood is composed mainly of water – about 90%. Blood is known to be responsible for the distribution of oxygen to all the parts of the body. The lack of water in the body could result in blood thickening. When this happens blood pressure starts to rise and may lead to a more serious health problem. Heart attacks and strokes are triggered by high blood pressure.

Clean Water Makes a Healthy Digestive System

Constipation is caused by dehydration. People who don’t drink enough clean water suffer from this ailment. The stomach contains highly acidic substances to aid in digestion. However, if the body lacks water, the stomach becomes overly acidic and that may lead to ulcers and heartburns. To counter acidity, a person needs to drink enough clean water daily.

Clean Water Helps the Excretory System

Body wastes are excreted in the forms of sweat, urine, and feces. Clean water helps in flushing them out of the body system. Deprivation of water may cause some serious kidney problems. Irritation of the bowel linings is also a result of a lack of water that if taken for granted may cause infections and may soon be a breeding ground for parasites.

Clean Water Distributes Essential Mineral and Nutrients

Clean water carries with it some of the most important minerals and nutrients our body needs. When eating food, these minerals and nutrients break down and dissolve in water. Water makes it possible to distribute them to all the parts of the body.

Clean Water is the Key to Weight Loss

Clean water helps flush out excess sugar, salt and other toxins in the body that causes weight gain. An overweight body is prone to many diseases. Drinking enough clean water instead of sodas and other sweet beverages helps maintain the ideal body weight. Additionally, drinking clean water before eating creates a sense of fullness that prevents you from overeating.

Clean Water Opens up the Airways

Breathing releases moisture from our bodies. When the body senses dehydration, it tends to restrict the airways to minimize the loss of fluids. This is not good for people with allergies and asthma.

Clean Water Loosens up the Joints

Body joints allow parts of the body to bend. Joints are covered with cartilage which is composed mostly of water. When the body gets dehydrated cartilage loses its lubricating capacity causing inflammation of the joints. Additionally, acid crystals may form and may result in restriction of movement due to pain.

Clean Water Boosts Body Performance

The body depends so much on clean water in order to maintain health. With all the mentioned benefits of clean water, it can be concluded that all these benefits boil down to overall health. As the old saying goes “Health is Wealth”, and that is proven to be true. Our overall health greatly depends on water – again, not just clean water…but safe and clean water.


Edward Powell