Benefits of Factory Automation and Why Micro Linear Actuator is Important

Benefits of Factory Automation and Why Micro Linear Actuator is Important

As technology continues to grow each year, many people believe that full automation can replace their job permanently. It is because robots bring tremendous advantages in the field of manufacturing. Robots can easily increase the company’s ability to increase its profit. Also, it improves the lives of their employees who are still in charge of keeping the operation running in smooth condition  Micro linear actuators are becoming an invaluable part of this automation process.

However, to execute a good and constant workflow, robots need to recognize underlying mechanisms through a programmable system. These basic mechanisms consist of moving parts such as:

  • Gears
  • Belt and chains
  • Cams and followers
  • Rotary Actuator
  • Micro Linear Actuator

In this article, we are going to discuss more micro linear actuators. Also, we will show how this mechanism improves performance in the field of automation industries.  To learn more about micro linear actuators, contact intelLiDrives.

Micro Linear Actuator

A micro linear actuator is a type of mechanism that converts motor input into linear or straight motion. Straight motion can be either push or pull movement. Generally, micro linear actuators can be used significantly in micro-technology projects. Therefore, these kinds of projects are very complicated if done by humans.  To learn more about these machines, visit IntelLiDrives today.

How Does a Micro Linear Actuator Works? 

A micro linear actuator generally runs by the use of electricity. It will start to work by the presence of a source input and a control signal. Once the two components are acted together, the actuator will start and convert the source’s information into mechanical motion, which is a linear or straight-line motion.

Linear motion will create a push and pull movement. Push and pull are some of the necessary actions that you need to integrate with your automated system. With this movement, robots can lift, adjust, tilt, and drop by merely pushing a button.

Benefits of Using Factory Automation

If you want to invest in robotic technology, we are going to share with you some benefits of using factory automation.

  •    Speed

Robots can work continuously 24/7. They do not need to take a break. Also, a fully automated factory can reach high-pressure deadlines and can produce a constant high-quality output. Therefore, it merely speeds up the production of your business. Just make sure to have a preventive maintenance schedule for each of your assets. Lastly, store and replace worn-out parts easily. This action will help you to anticipate any possible problems in the future.

  •    Safety

One of the primary reasons why we need to consider robots in business is the safety of everyone. Machines that run in a very hazardous environment or heavy machinery operation can easily harm and injure people. By assigning these tasks to a robot, you can prevent any accident that will occur to your workplace. Also, you can save a significant amount of money from severe medical bills caused by factory accidents.

  •    Quality and Reliability

Robots can always deliver a good and high standard quality of products. Since robots are programmed with precision and repeated motion, they can produce 100% efficiency. Therefore, it always meets your client’s expectations. This action will create an enjoyable and better relationship with your customers.

  •    Improves the Wellness of Employees

Most of the robots’ jobs are dedicated to critical works and repetitive motions. It is the perfect opportunity for the employees to focus more and engage in an activity that promotes wellness. As a result, employees will make their life healthier and happier. It is because robots help them by taking away their stress in the workplace.

Final Thoughts

Factory automation is proven to be one of the greatest inventions of our time. So, start investing a few robots in your operation, and see the significant difference in your system.

Clare Louise