Benefits Of Playing With The Best Indoor Volleyball Team

Benefits Of Playing With The Best Indoor Volleyball Team

Volleyball, which was formerly known as “mintonette”, was introduced in the year 1895 by William Morgan. Morgan, while inventing the game, had it in mind to bring up something that resembled basketball, handball, tennis, and baseball. This is why it is not a surprise that the first net used in the game was once used to play tennis. Volleyball grew to become an interesting sport among the people such that it was played internationally. There became a need to introduce standard rules for it and that happened with the creation of the United States Volleyball Association 33 years after its birth.

Volleyball is played in a court by two teams of six players each. A net is used to demarcate the court so that each team occupies half of it. On each team’s side is a line that demarcates their side into two. This line is the attacking line. In front of it stand three players known as the attackers while behind it are three other players known as the back court players. The players in front have the special task of spiking the ball to the opponent’s side and preventing it from hitting the ground if it is aimed at landing on their side. The players at the back court can also hit the ball across the net but they can only do so from their own space.

There are several important benefits of playing volleyball. One of them is that it helps the player to burn fat and calories. The amount of calories one can burn depends on the duration of the game, the person’s weight, and position of play. Harvard Medical School once said that playing for thirty minutes can make someone lose from 90 to 133 calories but one can expect a loss of 178 calories if the game is a competition. Playing the same sport for 60 minutes on sandy soil demands more energy so up to 480 calories can be lost in the process.

If you are looking for a way to keep fit while having fun, volleyball will be a good choice. It strengthens the arms, the shoulders, muscles of the upper body and increases stamina. The heart and respiratory system benefit a lot from the game.

The nature of the game helps players improve their hand-eye coordination. There is more to benefit from this if the game is practiced several times. The passes to other team mates, and the aim at preventing the ball from hitting the ground while aiming to strike it in the air improve hand-eye coordination. Some of the reasons why this is important are that it improves the ability to learn, defend oneself and avoid accidents.

Playing with the best indoor volleyball team will help you derive these benefits. Even when you don’t feel like going to play, a member there can be a source of encouragement. Although you may not be so good at it, joining a team will help you learn and perform faster than you imagined. You will also get to know some safety equipment used to prevent injuries.

David Lockhart