Best Countries to Study MBBS Abroad and their Advantages

Best Countries to Study MBBS Abroad and their Advantages

Foreign countries have become top destination choices for Indian students looking to further their education. This is mostly because of the promise of a better future and positive perks in these countries. 

In India, for example, a student with a foreign-obtained degree will have a better shot in the labor market than their counterparts with locally-obtained education. 

Studying MBBS, and becoming a medical practitioner is one of the dreams that a lot of Indian students from time have had. Right from the cradle, the foreign destination for MBBS education has been drummed into their consciousness by parents, teachers, and another authority figure. This choice of studying abroad for MBBS is itself, a commendable and recommended decision as India does not have the capacity to take all aspiring medical students.

In a year, there are approximately 10 lakhs students that apply for AIPMT, while there is only about 50,000 MBBS seat in the country. What this implies is that every year, only about 5% of the students will be able to achieve their goal of getting an MBBS degree.

Another reason why studying abroad is encouraged is that in India, there exist about 335 medical institutions. Out of these institutions, 181 are private colleges, while 134 are government-owned. Most of the private medical institutions have their fees in the range of 50 lakhs and above. This fee is a little exorbitant for the middle class and therefore serves as a discouraging factor for students and their parents alike.

Looking at these problems, it is imperative to procure a solution, ad one such solution is the option of studying abroad. There are quite a number of countries that have MBBS programs and we will be looking at these countries.

We also look at the advantages that accrue to each of these countries as well.

The following countries are the best countries to study for the MBBS program abroad.

  • Russia

The first country we will be looking at is Russia. Russia has a very good MBBS program and has been one of the top destinations for students aspiring to go into the medical field.

MBBS in Russia is very desirable as they offer some very interesting benefits as follows

  • Russia has always ranked very high among the top European schools, especially for the study of MBBS.
  • Another positive perk of MBBS in Russia is that in comparison with other European countries, studying in Russia is considered very cheap and affordable.
  • Also, the are no entrance exams to gain admission into the MBBS program. All you need is your past educational background.
  • Russia has diverse cultures which would be very appealing to an international student. It will also be an opportunity to learn about and imbibe a new way of life.
  • Russia’s cost of living for students is very reasonable.
  • No donation is required for students to get their MBBS degree or any other certification.
  • Ukraine

This is another top destination for students. MBBS in Ukraine is good for some of the following reasons.

  • Ukraine plays home to a lot of world-class universities that offer the MBBS program
  • Students are sure to get a quality education at a highly affordable rate.
  • Also, getting to study for your MBBS in Ukraine doesn’t require an entrance examination.
  • And the cost of living in the country is very student-friendly and affordable.
  1. Philippines

Another recommended destination is the Philippines. In the Philippines, to study for MBBS

  • No entrance exam is needed
  • No donation is required
  • The country is an English speaking country, so students don’t need to learn another language
  • There are a lot of Indian students in the country.
  • Georgia:

Georgia is also recommended mended as a favorite destination for MBBS programs. 

  • No entrance needed to study for MBBS in Georgia
  • The fee is highly affordable
  • The MBBS program in Georgia is more practical-focused than theoretical.
  • The country also has one of the best transport systems, making movements in and around the country very easy for students.

While this list is not exhaustive, it has examined some of the top destinations for MBBS abroad and its features. Other countries are also available for students who want to explore further.

Bonnie Baldwin