Best Daycare Fundraising Ideas

Best Daycare Fundraising Ideas

A daycare center is a place for a child to learn and play, it is a place where a child first gets a taste of formal education and for this to be effective, there is a need for all manner of materials and tools not just to help teach the child but to help the child remain comfortable even while learning.

Daycares are costly ventures and with the costs rising faster than most parents can keep up with, it is becoming increasingly important to find alternate means of funding daycares. This is where daycare fundraising comes into play. These days, daycare fundraising is becoming more common and because of this, people are constantly looking for new fundraising ideas so that they do not end up being repetitive. For this reason, we have put together some of the best daycare fundraising ideas that you can implement.

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Have a Book Fair

Most parents want to know that their kids are reading and learning something and because of this, there is a readymade market on kids’ books. Host a fair that allows both parents and kids to come and buy books and reading materials while using the opportunity to support your daycare. To carry this out effectively, you may want to find companies that you can partner with who would provide what you need for the fair. This does not only work for daycares, but it also works for other age and grades as well.

Sell Healthy Snacks

A lot of people these days are concerned about their health and are thriving to lead healthier lives. The parents of the kids, as well as the kids in your daycare, are no exception. Health is a big seller today and it is good to take advantage of it. To do this, you would need to have an assortment of healthy snacks or much cheaper, you can simply check out healthy snack programs and sell from brochures to cut the cost of starting. Selling healthy snacks is also a sure way to encourage the kids and parents at your daycare to remain healthy.

Candy Sale

What child does not like candy? This is a very easy way to raise funds for your daycare and what is more, the families and older siblings of the kids at your daycare can get in on the fun. They can simply take cases with them to sell and remit the funds to the daycare. You may also want to consider having candy carriers in areas where there would be a lot of traffic.

Cookie Dough Fundraisers

This list would certainly not be complete without this. What could be better for a daycare fundraiser than cookie dough? Cookie dough is a fantastic product not just for daycare but for different grades, levels, and even organizations. It is easy and family members of the kids at the daycare can all volunteer. All they need to do is sell the cookie dough off a brochure. After the sales are over, the orders would then be collected as well as the order from the center and then the money gotten from the sale would be used to pay for the order while the profit is kept for the daycare center.

Have a Garage Sale

The daycare center is a community of parents with little kids and the one thing that is synonymous with all kids is that they grow up and they do it fast. As these kids grow rapidly, they leave behind their clothes which are still relatively new. Getting the parents to bring in these outgrown and sometimes unused items to the center and hosting a garage sale may just be what you need. You never know who needs a new outfit for a toddler.

These are some of the most cost-effective and easy ways to help raise funds for your daycare center.

Nicholas Jansen