Best Smart Watches On The Market

Best Smart Watches On The Market

Smartwatches have been on the market now from about five years since the first Apple Watch was released and when they were first brought to the market, many consumers including us thought them as a bit of a gimmick and something that wouldn’t catch on. However, as you walk down the high-street today, you cannot help but notice the amount of wearable technology that consumers are using now-a-days and the technology is so impressive now we’ve made a list of the bet smart watches out there.

Other industries have also been able to benefit from the advances in technology that tech companies have shown in watches and these are online casino sites not on gamstop at This is due to the fact that they now boast some of the highest quality casinos online due to the advances in technology improving the gameplay, and they are also offering promotional deals and sign-up offers to all new customers at the moment – something certainly worth checking out.

As mentioned above, the Apple Watch was the industry leader in terms of watches and they still seem to lead the way with their new Apple Watch Series 6 which is certainly the best watch to purchase if you are an iPhone user. This watch boasts some of the best connectivity in terms of apps in correlation with the iPhone and the health features are now rivalling some of the industry leaders in terms of fitness watches, especially with their new blood oxygen indicators.

If you are looking for solely a fitness watch then look no further than the Polar Vantage V2 which has been dubbed the pinnacle of fitness watches. This is due to the fact that this is a fully waterproof, multisport loaded GPS watch which comes with a host of fitness monitors including heart rate, GPS, performance test and also an impressive recovery tracking monitor. Not only this, but it’s one of the sleekest designs on the market with and something that is highly desirable.

And finally, if you are an Android user then the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 would be our watch of choice if you are looking to delve into the smartwatch market. This is because it’s the latest Samsung watch on the market and displays some of the most powerful tech on the market. Furthermore, this smartwatch looks like a traditional watch and one that we quite like the simplistic design on it done with an executive feel to it.

Clare Louise