Blood Spill Cleanup Service: Are Blood Cleanup Kits An Effective Tool?

Blood Spill Cleanup Service: Are Blood Cleanup Kits An Effective Tool?

A lot of organizations and facilities do often have blood cleanup kits stored safely somewhere to be used in cases of minor accidents. These organizations are aware that their staff’s job descriptions or their duties will probably put them in positions where they have to deal with blood or other biohazards. This means that a staff member might have to perform blood spill cleanup service at one point or another. Are these kits however effective in cleaning up blood spills? Read on to find out.

What Constitutes Bloodborne Pathogen Kits?

A blood spill cleanup kit usually contains basic items that are meant to keep you safe and effective as you clean up a blood spill. Some of these items may include gloves, face masks, apron, disinfectant, wipes, towels, and biohazard bags.

These kits are usually present in places where there is a high likelihood that blood will be handled either frequently or occasionally. This includes places such as schools, childcare facilities, hotels, shopping malls, police stations, and the likes.

How Effective Are They?

Bloodborne pathogen kits contain face masks, gloves, and other items that cover the most vulnerable parts of the body. This means it is safe to say that it is very effective in keeping the cleaner safe from harmful pathogens if they are cleaning up a small spill.

The tools which might be included in a blood cleanup kits like absorbents and disinfectants are also considered highly effective when being used in cleaning up small blood spills. 

The disposable towelettes, wipes, and cloth included in the kits are limited but might also be enough for cleaning up small blood spills. This makes them effective as well.

From the above, it is clear that bloodborne pathogen kits are a good option if the blood spill to be cleaned up is minimal. For measurement purposes, if a blood spill covers an area that is about the size of a standard dinner plate or smaller, then you can go ahead and carry out a DIY blood spill cleanup service using the right tools. if it is bigger, however, its best you call on professionals who offer the services.

Why Should You Call the Professionals?

For a blood spill that is larger than a standard dinner plate, there is a high probability that there is more going on underneath the surface where the blood was spilled and its surroundings. The items in a bloodborne pathogen cleanup kit are usually not effective enough in dealing with situations like those.

To make sure that a thorough blood spill cleanup service is rendered, you might need to pull up floors or tear out drywalls. You might also need industrial powered cleaners and disinfectants. The tools and equipment to deal with these aren’t usually included in a bloodborne pathogen cleanup kit.

Do not forget also that you might need a complete PPE to deal with larger blood spills. All these and more are what makes calling on professional blood cleaners the ideal move to make when face wit a large body of blood that needs a cleanup.