Boarding Your First Plane? Keep These Points in Mind

Boarding Your First Plane? Keep These Points in Mind


Taking flight for the first time is not easy. The whole process can be a bit overwhelming, to say the least. Mention in this post are 6 things that every first-time flyer should know.


Not everybody can handle the first-time flight stress smoothly. From packing your luggage to reaching your destination, a lot of difficulties surround you. Follow the instructions mentioned below carefully, and you will find travelling is just a piece of a cake.

6 Things That a First Time Flyer Should Know –

  • Booking Flight Tickets: Book your tickets by exploring multiple websites to get the best ticket price. Here are some dos and don’ts to follow –
Dos Don’ts
●       Fill all the details carefully.

●       Use your miles to book a flight for free.

●       Do not risk your comfort on the pretext of getting a cheap flight.

●       Do not get attracted by the price shown initially. Rather evaluate the final cost that you’ll need to pay to get to your destination.

  • Manage Your Time And Arrive Early: It is highly recommended to reach the airport 2-hours before the time of your departure.
  • Carry-All the Documents: Keep your ID handy for smooth check-in. While you will need a passport with a valid visa for international travel, your ID should be fine if you’re flying domestically. Make sure your name on the ID matches that mentioned on your ticket.
  • Get the Best Deals and Discounts: Make sure that you don’t miss out on any such discount either provided by the airline or by your bank on using an e-payment method. You can also use your earned miles to book a flight for free. If you’re not a mile member yet, consider joining a travel and lifestyle loyalty program that lets you earn miles on a wide range of airlines. Once you’re part of a program, never miss an opportunity to earn miles. Whether you’re taking a flight from Delhi to London or a Mumbai to Goa flights, miles are precious that comes with many benefits.
  • Consider Pre-Booking of Your Seat – If you do not want any hassle at the airport, choose your seat while booking the ticket or when the web check-in opens for your flight (usually 48-hours before departure for some flights).
  • The Process at the Airport:
    1. Entering the Airport: While entering the airport, you’ll be required to show your ticket and your ID to the security official. Make sure you show your face properly to the security official for proper verification. Remove a mask or a veil if you’re wearing one. After verification, the official will grant you entry inside the airport.
    2. Go to the Check-in Counter: Once you have entered the airport, go to your airline’s check-in counter. The counters will either be dedicated to specific flights or All check-ins. Either go to your dedicated flight check-in or all check-in counter. Here you will again have to present your ticket (print or on your phone) and your ID. Once the document verification is done, you can give your check-in baggage for weighing. If it’s more than the baggage limit, you may be asked to pay a certain fee. You’ll be then issued a boarding pass.
    3. Security Gate: The security gate is mentioned on your boarding pass. Here you will have to remove your ornaments your wallets and your laptops and electronics which need to pass through an X-ray scanner separately. You’ll have to pass through a scanner, and then a security official will scan you further with a detector. After this, you can collect your cabin baggage and other belongings and proceed further.
    4. Boarding: Most flights start boarding 45mintutes to an hour before the flight time. Make sure you know your boarding gate and wait for the boarding announcement. Once the boarding is announced, proceed to your aircraft. The in-cabin crew will help you locate your seats.

Follow these tips and make your first flying experience smooth and enjoyable. There are officials at the airport ready to help you so never shy from taking help from them. Have a safe and happy journey.

Edward Powell