Boat Accident Claims in Idaho: An Overview

Boat Accident Claims in Idaho: An Overview

Boat accident claims are a rare thing to hear about. However, if you have been in a boat accident, these claims can eat up your savings in no time, without settlement. Moreover, contrary to popular perceptions, there are many misconceptions around. For example, many people drink on their boats, but contrary to this perception, drinking on boat isn’t legal, and can cost you an arm and a leg during accident claims. If you have been in a boat accident in Idaho, be sure to seek great help like a Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer. 


Again, contrary to popular misconception, boat owners do not require insurance in Idaho. So, if you are planning to visit popular destinations like Lake Lowell, or Lucky Peak Reservoir, be sure to remember people down there, most probably do not carry insurance. However, many people also do carry insurance. Additionally, insurance coverage like home owners insurance or umbrella insurance policy may cover boat damage. 


Boat accident claims differ somewhat from auto accidents, as these generally get a far colder treatment from law enforcement agencies. This is largely because there is a delay in reporting these incidents due to the isolated nature of these incidents. Hence, it is important for you to record the damage to your own property, as well as to the property of the other. You can also speak to bystanders, and get an accurate account of the boat incident. Furthermore, you can also get registration number of the other vessel. Skilled attorneys can help you gather information quickly, and search online for accurate insurance coverage of the other party. 


Similar to auto accidents, the one who is at fault comparatively pays more for the fault of the damage. However, in order to achieve this, one needs to prove that the other boat failed to take basic precautions such as failing to yield, sped unnecessarily, and made risky decisions under the influence of a substance. If the other party was at major fault, you will end up recovering major damages as incurred by you. As insurance is often a luxury among boaters, you will likely need to press charges to recover dues through assets. Furthermore, you can also recover dues through third-parties settlements, and long-standing payment plans. 

Be sure to take all precautions while driving your boat down to the nearest lake. While boat accidents are not as common as auto accidents, boat accidents can often leave a wake behind, which is difficult to recover from. 

Edward Powell