Brands of Healthy Chocolate – Which Ones Are Ideal For You?

Brands of Healthy Chocolate – Which Ones Are Ideal For You?

With new info on the benefits of chocolates, many brand chocolates are trying to position themselves as healthy, when they never offer you any health improvements whatsoever. To acknowledge brands of truly healthy chocolate, you must realise what substances in chocolate support the health value. For example, studies have proven that flavonoids, which are contained in chocolates, can help to lower blood stream pressure. Nevertheless the levels of flavonoids in chocolate depend put on what it’s processed. Frequently, milk chocolate, due to its greater processing, has less flavonoids than chocolates. Typically, the higher the proportion of cacao located in the chocolate, the higher flavonoids (as well as other healthy substances) it’s.

While healthy, organic, raw or minimally-processed chocolates aren’t the mainstream, they are becoming broadly available and known as a tasty and responsible choice. An effective chocolate should contain cacao content of 70% or greater. Chocolates which contains less have an overabundance fillers, more fat and fewer (or no) health improvements. You have to see the labels. Due to the fact chocolate is dark, doesn’t imply it offers any health improvements.

The following chocolate brands are actually celebrated for unique tastes, health improvements and effective ethical commitments.

Divine can be a player-owned company with sustainable development efforts in several countries. The fair-trade Divine Dark Small Bars will be the perfect chocolate treat and contain 70% cacao.

Dagoba bakes an award-winning chocolates bar including chiles, nibs which is 74% cacao. They have produced the term “Full Circle Sustainability” to describe their commitments to ethics and social responsibility.


Equal Exchange makes organic sweets with as much as 80% cacao that are vegan, gluten-free and contain no refined sugars. They will use fair trade cooperatives and maqui berries maqui berry farmers around the world.

Ignafire produces natural chocolate with no commercial processing or industrial equipment. They’re vegan-friendly and periodic in sugar. Most are subtly flavored with cinnamon, roasted pinto beans or crushed almonds.