Bronchial Challenge Testing: What is it and Why Should You Get Tested

Bronchial Challenge Testing: What is it and Why Should You Get Tested

The Bronchial Challenge is a test that is performed to assess your lungs’ reactiveness or responsiveness in the context of its surroundings. This test is given by a health practitioner and is used to evaluate symptoms suggestive of asthma such as coughing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness.

During the Bronchial Challenge, a breathing test will be implemented and repeated. This entails inhaling doses of methacholine. Methacholine is a drug that narrows the airways to mimic asthma. This is done to determine where your breathing capacity falls or when you reach your maximum dose free of change in lung function.

In short, a 20 percent or below decrease in breathing ability is a result that is indicative of asthma, and therefore your doctor may make a diagnosis.

Why Get Tested?

If you feel that you may have asthma or any other respiratory symptoms, the Bronchial Challenge test is a safe and easy way to find out.

If you are in a risk category for asthma and may have symptoms, it is very important to be properly diagnosed.

Always consider objective measurements when contemplating an asthma diagnosis. There are several consequences of improper treatment, such as lost opportunity to diagnose the cause of symptoms, potential exposure to inappropriate medications, lost employment opportunities (i.e., military, public services), social consequences, and economic factors.

Is it Safe?

Methacholine is one of the most used agents for “direct” pharmacological Bronchial Challenge Testing. Most published studies have been based on provocation with methacholine. The understandable fear of potential acute bronchoconstriction has led to most authorities advocating that Bronchial Challenge Tests should only be performed in healthcare centers. But thus far, thousands of methacholine challenge tests have been performed without serious side effects. However, it is still recommended that you visit a licensed healthcare practitioner to ensure safety and interpret results and give proper treatment accordingly.

Who Makes a Bronchial Challenge?

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David Lockhart