c6 Reasons to Watch Stargirl From the DC Universe

c6 Reasons to Watch Stargirl From the DC Universe

If you love superhero movies and female heroines, there’s a new show waiting to be binged. Season 1 of “Stargirl” from executive producer Geoff Johns is already loved by critics and fans alike, making season 2 (airing August 2021) highly anticipated. Brec Bassinger stars as high school student Courtney Whitmore (Stargirl), who, after taking inspiration from her Stepfather, becomes the new leader of the second Justice Society of America. Here are six reasons you should check out “Stargirl” today.

1. It Has an Excellent Cast

Though “Stargirl” has elevated her fame, the lovely Brec Bassinger has already had a starring role on her own Nickelodeon show. She may not be a household name yet, but Luke Wilson and Amy Smart are also on the show, adding star power and excellence. On top of that, Joel McHale and Jim Gaffigan make guest appearances.

2. It Has the Heroine the TV Industry Needs

It’s no secret there has been a lack of diversity in the film industry, especially in superhero and action films and shows. DC has taken this seriously, producing hit movies like “Wonder Woman” and now high-caliber shows like “Stargirl”. If you have young girls in your family or social circle who need an extra morale boost, this is the perfect show to recommend or, even better, watch together.

3. Critics Love It

Holding strong with an 89% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, critics are loving the show. Top reviewer Allison Shoemaker says, “It is neither grim nor frivolous. It’s just a good time – and who doesn’t want that every once in a while?” Ian Thomas Malone calls it “a prestige production that isn’t afraid to show off its emotional range.” The consensus is in. The show demonstrates depth as well as it entertains.

4. Audiences Love It

More importantly, audiences love it! With over 640 audience reviews on the same site, it’s clear people appreciate the show’s exciting plot. Viewers are praising all aspects of the show. They point out the quality of the writing, acting, visual effects, while one user rated it in their top 5 favorite shows.

5. It Has a Fantastic Soundtrack

Pinar Toprak, famous for composing the music for Marvel’s “Captain Marvel”, scored the show. Pinar was the first woman to score a superhero movie and the first woman to compose for a movie that made over $1 billion. She has received award nominations for her work and impresses on “Stargirl” just as much as she does on her biggest films.

6. It Ties Into the Arrowverse

If you’re a fan of the other DC shows in the Arrowverse and the Justice Society of America, you might recognize Stargirl from “Crisis on Infinite Earths” as well as “Legends of Tomorrow.” The show’s creators have hinted at further, more substantial crossovers once the show is more established in its own right.

With the rave reviews, it has gotten, it’s clear DC is putting as much support behind “Stargirl” as possible. If you’re looking for a new show, look no further.

David Lockhart