Can you do online betting without becoming addicted?

Can you do online betting without becoming addicted?

Online betting can lead to addiction in some cases but not all. Betting a few times per year is not addiction but if a person is compelled to keep on betting even if there is no chance of winning, he is an addict. The urge to bet should never be stronger than the urge to win yet an addict will just bet because of the compulsion while neglecting school, work and relationships. If a person makes a bet because he feels a high because of taking risks, he has become an addict. If a person borrows and lies to get money for betting and can’t even pay back, he has become an addict. Here you can get help if ever you’re concerned about someone. A good choice for top igaming and online casinos is off course UFABET.

Can a person do online betting without becoming an addict?

People can bet online without becoming addicts if they take it as a business or an investment. The following are the steps that they can follow.

1. Learn the game

Anyone who is serious about betting should first learn how to judge probabilities better than the crowd and how to systematically and consistently spot odds that are too high. He should also know basic arithmetic so that he can multiply and divide correctly. Using these two skills he can develop a systematic edge over bookmakers by knowing which games to bet on and which ones to skip. With a plan and a system, a bettor has control over his actions.

2. Bankroll bets

A person can invest a certain amount in betting, say $1,000, and plan to grow that money. The amount should be able to absorb inevitable losses. The bettor then decides how much to bet out of that amount each time and reinvests any winnings in his nest.

3. Stay with the analysis

The bettor-in-control never entirely relies on the odds made by bookmakers. He relies on his calculations and only bets when he sees value. He also does not worry about a recent winning streak or recent losses, but relies only on his analysis and his plan. He also does not rely on what is popular, meaning that he also looks at the ugly ducks (the teams that have been losing recently and have lost popularity). Lastly, he watches the odds just before the match and is not moved by the adrenaline rush during the match. That way he sticks to his analysis and his plan stays in control.

4. He treats betting as a marathon

The bettor-in-control is never in a rush to win big all at once. His plan is to win small amounts each time he bets, even if it is 5% at a time. With his ability to locate value, he will win many times in a year though he will lose sometimes. At the end of every year, if he has a bit more money than he started with, he has done well. With consistency, this amount can grow more in the coming years as he becomes more competent at locating value and betting only when he is sure.

5. Know when to bet big

The bettor-in-control avoids betting big simply for the high he gets from taking risks. He bets big when there are chances of winning big as in the case of popular cup matches.

6. Diversify the bets

A bettor-in-control never limits himself to a single sport or a single competition, but diversifies the types of bets in order to create more chances of winning.

7. The right bookmaker

Once a bettor begins to win consistently, he can be banned or limited by certain bookmakers. The best he can do is do some research and find bookmakers who will not limit or ban winners.

Bet without addiction

With a plan, the requisite skills and the urge to win slowly but consistently, a bettor can bet without ever becoming an addict.

David Lockhart