Choose the Best Betting Situations for winning

Choose the Best Betting Situations for winning


With the exception of December, you can enjoy tennis tournaments all year round. And even during the period when there are no matches on the agenda, betting on tennis is still possible. Look ahead and check which great tennis bets can be placed every day; betting on sports always goes on. In addition to the four grand slams, dozens of other tournaments are scheduled. But there are more about that elsewhere in the Tennis Guide. Read on to find out how tennis betting can get the best results.

Tennis bets / odds

Successful tennis betting requires a basic understanding of the sport. And the more you know about players, the better your chance of winning. So be up to date.

Note the recent form of players, check how long his or her previous game lasted, and whether there have been any recent injuries. Is a player a slow starter or a specialist in aces, and who won the most in previous head-to-head encounters?

Take the substrate into account

Also look at playing styles and results of players on the type of court that is played on. During the grand slam in London, grass is played (a fast surface) and when betting on Roland Garros, the ground brick is taken into account, it is the slowest surface there is. These surfaces make the two tournaments unique – they have yielded unexpected winners many times in the past.

Check out who is the favorite on the fast English grass this summer on betting on Wimbledon. Can you predict the big surprise of the tournament? Make a visit to This is the site where you will be getting all the best options for the same.

Where can you bet on tennis?

You have to go to a bookmaker to bet on tennis matches. In the past you had to leave the house to place a bet at a vague betting office, now it is all much more modern and you bet via computer or mobile. With all bookies you can bet online on tennis and many other sports, even betting on eSports is possible. If they are allowed to enter the Dutch market in the course of 2021, you are in the right place with a bookmaker such as 888Sport or Unibet.

At you will find everything you need to know about tennis betting. Read the reviews to choose the best bookmakers and check the sports betting for the latest previews with corresponding betting tips for upcoming big games. Use it to your advantage!

Bet on tennis

Making a tennis prediction is very easy. Once you have created an account with a bookmaker (and of course claimed your welcome bonus!), you can get started. Find the tournament or tennis match you want to bet on and choose from one of the many types of tennis bets. You will find the odds for each bet option. That is the amount that is paid out for every euro wagered if you have won a bet.


Bonnie Baldwin