Choose The Right Pet Food Brand, and We Shall Deliver

Choose The Right Pet Food Brand, and We Shall Deliver

Paws Food Express is known for its variety of pet food. The diversity does not just come from the foods’ and brands’ composition and formulations. We work with some f the best-renowned pet food brands that have been trusted for their quality. You can be sure that choosing any pet food on our site is the best thing you can do for your dog or cat. What’s more, we make the process even more convenient by delivering the pet food you order to you.

Our Philosophy

We focus on ensuring that the end user gets the best products. There are measures in place to ensure that all pet foods that come through us have passed all the standard tests and measures for quality. Having partnered with some of the best brands of pet foods in different categories, you can be sure that we have the very best. We believe in foods that are nature-intended as they offer the best value. This philosophy is anchored on the following principles.

  1. Biological Appropriate Nutrition – Our site’s brands’ recipes reflect the need to follow nature’s nutrient profiles. All the food formulations are natural and for the dog’s overall health. It doesn’t matter if the food is for dogs or cats.
  2. Use of the best ingredients – Quality starts with the ingredients used. All the products have been formulated using the world’s best natural ingredients from farmers and ranchers. Each ingredient is carefully selected after properly scrutinising and evaluating its nutritional value.
  3. The food is made in real kitchens – You can trust that the quality is maintained throughout the processing with high hygiene standards, thanks to the kitchens.
  4. Pet nutrition Expertise – The continuous advancement of nutrition expertise makes the process of dog food formulation top-notch. You can never go wrong with these products. The different brands invest in continuous research, meaning the dog and cat food formulations improve each time.

Choosing to buy from Paws Food Express is the best deal. We go beyond sourcing for quality pet foods and brands and assess the ingredients used t be sure that your dog and cats will be getting the very best. Besides that, we also ensure that we deliver promptly and conveniently around Houston and its surroundings. Our delivery services also reach Pearland, Sugarland, Katy, Richmond, Spring, The Woodlands, Cypress, and Kingwood. Call us whenever you are ready to order, and we shall deliver.

Note that every cat and dog food you buy through us is carefully sourced. The ingredients are safe for your pets as we ensure to do the thorough background check that is needed. Pets need quality food for optimum nutrition, so we will go out of our way to ensure this is so.

All foods are wholesome and packed with good ingredients for animal nutrition. We assure our customers that we have what you need without compromising quality. We understand the need to get your dogs the best, which we ensure happens by selecting the best products.

Bill Merrow