Choose Your Options for the best Poker Gaming

Choose Your Options for the best Poker Gaming

It makes more sense to make a normal raise with this strong hand and give other players the option of coming up with another raise or having them go with you.

Move all in

All-in sliders with a medium stack

Although this is obvious, it is important to emphasize. Unlike when you were still playing with a short stack, you have more options than going all-in compared to having an average stack. If your stack is just above the 20 blind, you can raise about 2 to 2.5 times the big blind with any hand you decide to raise.

We recommend that you come up with a balanced approach that sometimes changes your playing style. For example, in some situations you can go all-in and sometimes opt for a regular increase. A few examples of good hands where you could go all-in is a small pocket or an ace with a low kicker (suited). These are hands that are sufficient to go all-in. Moreover, it is also hands that are difficult to play after getting a flop. In case of the situs poker online terpercaya this is important now.

The advantage of this is that you do not play against a house advantage and can make money in the long term by competing against weaker players.

Online casino tournaments

The Online casino regularly organizes poker tournaments. It is common that it comes in the Texas Hold’em form. It will vary per location when a poker tournament is held and that can be seen on the Online casino website itself. Tournaments are offered in three forms, namely the Freeze-out tournaments, Re-entry tournaments and Rebuy tournaments. Occasionally it is also possible to play a Bounty poker tournament at the Online casino.

Start of a tournament

In a Freeze-out tournament you are out immediately after you have lost your chips. A Bounty tournament requires an additional bet during registration. When you eliminate someone, you receive this Bounty and vice versa this is also the case. At Rebuy poker tournaments you can buy chips again in the first levels of the tournament. This way you have several chances and sometimes you can take a little more risk if you have a flush draw, for example.

Nowadays fun poker events can also be found in the Online casino! Take for example the Master Classics of Poker or WPT. On the 23rd to the 31st of March there is also a ‘ WPT Deepstacks’ tournament at the Online casino location in Amsterdam. Keep a close eye on the Online casino website and see which branch is hosting a fun poker tournament.


Paul Petersen