Choosing a Hotel Luggage Cart

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Your hotel will need a hotel luggage cart and there are different ones to consider.

Standard Carts: These are the most common carts used in hotels. These carts have a platform on wheels that has a frame with poles to easily hang clothing. The poles can also double as containment devices in order to keep items from falling off the carts. These carts come in a range of finishes and colors and can support about 1,500 pounds.

Luxury Carts: These offer a slight variation of a standard cart. They can be more ornate and include extra shelves or hooks. These carts can be more expensive than a standard cart but are more suitable for higher end hotels. Some of these carts have extra wheels in order to make the carts easier to move.

Condo Carts: These carts have multiple shelves so users can store belongings and luggage. These carts can be helpful for families that have several different shapes and sizes of bags. Families can use the shelves to put a diaper bag and car seat on and then use another shelf for luggage. These carts don’t have a lot of hanging room for clothes because of the shelves, but they may come equipped with bars or hooks on the ends that can be used for these purposes.

Utility Carts: These are the most affordable carts because they don’t have the features that the other carts have. These carts are usually just platforms on wheels with one or two upright frames. The frames don’t create an arch like on other standard carts. These carts have a lower weight capacity but can still usually support about 1,000 pounds.

Considerations When Choosing a Hotel Luggage Cart

If you are trying to find the right luggage cart for your hotel, keep the size of your elevators in mind. Many guests will use carts in the elevator, so you want to make sure the dimensions of the carts match those of the elevator. If you have an older hotel, then you may need to get a smaller cart. Think what your guests are most likely to bring with them and find a cart that accommodates those items. Is your hotel occupied mostly by families, couples, or traveling businessmen? Knowing a little bit about your guests can help you make the right decision. You need to make sure to have the space to store carts. If you don’t have the room for large carts, then you will need multiple smaller ones. You also want to make sure the carts are easy to use. Most carts are designed to be easy to use, but some will have some additional features that make this even easier. It can be worth the upgrade to provide a better experience for guests.

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