Choosing a Racking System for your Warehouse

Choosing a Racking System for your Warehouse

Warehouse operations work at an optimum when there is efficiency and productivity. Racking system is a definite way to improve the storage facilities in a warehouse.It is part of the management’s need to make the best use of available space. Picking the right racks manufacture is critical in achieving the goals set out by the company.

Factors to Consider

Warehouses undergo unique challenges in their service delivery. The common reason for warehouses to choose a racking system is to revamp the available space. More businesses are increasing their storage capacity to accommodate the growth in operations.  Eonmetall is an industry-specific provider of all racking systems and services. Let us look at the factors to consider when choosing a racking system;


Departments normally work on a budget and it is crucial to show results for investments. The needs of the warehouse are the first considerations when creating a budget for storage systems in the warehouse.

Space Utilization

The purpose of modern racking systems is to maximize the use of floor space. An ideal system will have storage compartments going vertically. It should offer space for storing and retrieving items from the racks.

Storage Capacity

It is important to make use of available space to increase the storage capacity of the warehouse. Depending on the features of items to store, the system should be in a position to accommodate more.

Mobility and accessibility

An efficient racking system incorporates enough space for movement. The machinery such as forklifts always load or offload items from the storage systems. Easy access to the storage system saves on time when looking for items.


Everyone appreciates when a product can do more than it was made for. Racking systems use innovative ways to incorporate other goods. Making use of shelves at the bottom part creates space for documents and files. A locking system ensures that confidential materials are safe from unauthorized access.

Management System

An inventory management system aids the operations of a warehouse. It shows the arrangement and order of items as well as keep records on what is coming in or going out. The system offers valuable information during the strategic planning by management.

Golden Rules for a Storage system

  • The supply chain department can be pro-active in the warehouse operations. Waiting for the storage system to be overwhelmed is too late. It is crucial to act soon as the storage capacity is diminishing. This ensures that the clients do not lose clients or money in the process.
  • Customization is the new norm in technology. Storage spaces are never the same and it is the reason to own the new project. 
  • Observing safety guidelines and precautions is a must. It reduces the risks of accidents and injuries to the workforce.


Paul Petersen