Choosing Between Communion Dresses for Girls

Choosing Between Communion Dresses for Girls

The First Communion will be an important part in your child’s life so you want to make sure you are prepared. The ceremony may have a strict dress code so you want to pick the right dress for the occasion and one that your little girl will like. When you are choosing between communion dresses for girls, there are a lot of options, but these tips can help you find the right one.

A communion dress is specially bought for the event. Many communion dresses are white as a reminder of the white gown worn at the Baptism and because it symbolizes purity. A communion dress only has to be white if your Church recommends it but you can also choose pale pink dresses or ivory. If you still want a white dress but want some color added, you can try a colored sash. The outfit shouldn’t be too colorful but not all churches will stick with traditional etiquette.

Dress Code for the Event

Since it’s a religious event, the outfit should be modest and conservative. You don’t need a fancy look with designer clothes and instead should pick an elegant and comfortable piece for your child. The tradition says that kids will be dressed alike without a lot of attire discrepancies. Parents will likely receive guidelines and should choose recommended pieces for the event.

You should pick age-appropriate items so the attire doesn’t distract your child during the service. It should be an elegant dress in a light color, such as ivory and white, and not any pieces of casual clothing.

Dos for Communion Dresses for Girls

The dress should be calf length or below the knee. Pants may be allowed by your church and are a good option if your girl doesn’t like to wear dresses. Choose light colored flats and ivory or white socks. You can also add optional nude tights. Some like to wear a headpiece or veil with the dress and while it isn’t mandatory, you can choose one depending on preference.

Don’ts for Communion Dresses

You don’t want to choose a dress that is dark colored or bright. Complicated patterns also aren’t typically allowed. Tight, short, or sleeveless dresses with deep necklines aren’t appropriate, along with shoes in dark colors or high heels. Pair the dress with light colored tights instead of dark tights.

Picking the Right Fabric

First communion dresses come in different fabrics. Lace tops are elegant and a popular choice. Satin has a more glossy finish to it. If you want a fuller dress then you can choose organza, which is made of silk and is stiffer.

Choosing a dress should be based on the recommendations from your church but also based on your daughter’s preferences so she isn’t uncomfortable during the ceremony.

Nicholas Jansen