Choosing the Perfect Massage for You

Choosing the Perfect Massage for You

Swedish: This is the type of massage that people can think of whenever they prefer to have some. In this traditional way of massage, oil is used to massage the soft tissues and muscles of your body and it is done with long strokes. This kind of massage can improve blood circulation throughout your body and makes your tired tendons relax. In this type of massage, the therapist uses pressure from light to moderate, as per the clients’ endurance.

Intensive Deep Tissue

This is another technique of massage where long, penetrating strokes are used. The therapist can use oil while massaging in this technique, or they can keep it dry also. This type of massage is done to loosen up the deepest layer of your muscles and also stretch them. It is done by triggering the pressure points of your body by using fingers, elbow, forearms, and fists. Because of this massage, you can stay away from spasms. Yes, it can be painful for your body at the moment but will come with lots of benefits.

Trigger Point

This massage is also known as Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy. This special treatment is for those who are suffering from muscle-skeletal pain due to spasm.

Sports Massage

Though the name is a bit tricky, this massage is for everyone who is suffering from pain due to injury, chronic pain or have any issues with mobility. With this massage, the therapist makes sure that you recover from your pain faster and the pain doesn’t spread through your muscles and tendons. In this therapy, the problem area is targeted and the treatment is done only in that area. You will find such types of massages in any spas.


Reflexology is a special type of massage which addresses the parts of your body that reflex with certain types of pressure in your hand and feet. The therapist put acupressure and massage to your ears, feet, and hands to relax your body in this therapy. The benefit of this kind of massage is to remove stress and tension and improve blood circulation. It is also good for detoxification. There is a belief that this type of massage improved the body’s ability to heal itself.

These are certain types of massage that can heal your body from lots of physical issues and rejuvenate it to begin a new day and take up new challenges.

David Lockhart