Choosing the right flower vases

People often receive flower bouquets on birthdays, anniversaries or to celebrate other occassions. These flowers are likely to last for a longer time if the flower stem is immersed in water, so vases are required. Also many people like to keep fresh flowers in their home, offices and other commercial properties for decorative purposes adding a touch of color. So wholesalers are interested in finding suppliers of well designed and durable plastic flower vases which they can sell to retailers. To help wholesalers source global stock of well designed vases which their customers will appreciate, some tips on vase selection are provided below


One of the main advantage of having flower vases, is that flowers kept in the vases filled with water remain fresh looking for a longer period of time. In many homes and offices, fresh flowers are an integral part of the decor, but procuring fresh flowers daily is expensive. So it is better to keep the flower stalk or stem immersed in water, so that the flowers will remain fresh fora week or more depending on the type of flowers. Some flowers like roses and orchids will not wilt for 4-5 days, if they are kept in the right flower vase, while other flowers will last for a shorter period of time.


Flower vases are available in different sizes, shapes and colors,and the user should choose the flower vase depending on the flowers which will be kept in the vase. If flowers with a long stem like roses, lilies and orchids will be kept in the vase, it is better to purchase a cylindrical vase, so that the stem remains immersed in water. However, these taller vases may not be very stable, and may overturn if pressure is applied. So if there are small children or pets in the house, it is better to purchase smaller vases, which are pot shaped or have a larger base so that they remain stable even . It is advisable to check the size of the vase base, to ensure that there is sufficient space to keep the base.


Some of the different types of plastic which are used for making the vases are

  • Acrylic
  • PP
  • ABS

Many people prefer transparent vases so that the stem of the flowers is also visible. Most of the transparent vases are made from acrylic and are available with a square or round base. Other people prefer to purchase vases made from ABS plastic or polypropylene. Often the plastic is treated using additives so that the color does not fade even if the vase is exposed to ultra violet radiation from the sunlight. The main advantage of using plastic compared to other materials like glass and ceramic is that it is more durable,and will usually not develop cracks or break if it falls from a height.


In addition to transparent vases, the plastic vases are available in a variety of colors. Many people prefer to purchase vases which are white in color, or in pastel colors, to match the decor of the room. However,dirt marks and stains are more visible on lighter colors, so some people prefer dark colored vases.

Nicholas Jansen