Common Concrete Myths To Debunk And Facts Behind It

Common Concrete Myths To Debunk And Facts Behind It

Concrete or cement is the most important raw material when it comes to construction. The base would not be a strong one without it. Price of “Tiger Cement” (ราคาปูน ตราเสือ, which is the term in Thai), thorough research is vital before placing the final order. There are so many grades of cement available. Also, with such a necessary item for construction, there are so many myths related to it. Some of the major ones have been mentioned which should be debunked as soon as possible.

Estimating Drying Time:

This is one myth that you should not pay attention too. There are different drying times for ready mix concrete as well an onsite mix concrete. And it would also depend on the grade of the cement. There are different drying times for different types of concrete. The estimated drying time is always measured by “the rule of thumb”.

This would explain that one inch of the slab would be requiring approximately one or two-day drying. The moisture movement also plays a great role. The excess moisture should evaporate so that the slab could dry faster. Therefore, there is no hard and fast rule regarding calculating accurate time by which the cement would dry.

Impermeable Concrete:

Even the densest of the dry concrete could be porous. And this is one of the most important myths that you should not believe regarding concrete being impermeable. Any substance whether it is in liquid or vapor form could pass through concrete.

The mix which would be designed with well-graded, supplementary cementing material would help in retaining the quality. Also, with sealers, you would stop concrete from being permeable.

Concrete Requires Water To Gain Strength:

Concrete does require water to dry. It may contradict what has been mentioned below. But the reason behind this would be you cannot let the concrete dry too soon. The concrete would be curing while the water would be drying off. There need to be a favourable climate and temperature. Price of “Tiger Cement” experts would advise never to let the cement dry or do the work when it is freezing, scorching heat outside or it is pouring.

Thus, these are some of the myths that you would get to hear regarding concrete. Buying cement from the right supplier is vital. This would give you peace of mind when placing your bulk order and the structure would be a strong one during construction.

David Lockhart