Common Opportunities in the Perfect Manicure

Common Opportunities in the Perfect Manicure

A common problem that happens only after the manicure is completely dry is the appearance of cracks in the enamel. The unexpected effect can happen due to several factors, such as very thick layers, excess water on the nails, problems with the base or extra sparkle, among others. Many women believe that the cracks only appear in light colors, but the truth is that any shade is vulnerable to this error in enameling. Come with us to understand how to avoid the appearance of cracked nail polish.

Try To Apply Thinner Layers Of Enamel

Often at the time of enameling, to achieve a uniform result, some girls end up exaggerating the amount of product in the brush. Applying more than two layers can also be the source of the problem, so if you make a mistake in the application, remove the enamel only from the nail on which the error occurred and redo the procedure. The best thing to do is to fix it during the manicure so you don’t have problems afterwards, because in addition to the cracks, very thick covers tend to smudge more easily and are also marked when sleeping. Using the holographic nail polish is the best solution in this case. You can find the great variety of colors for these nail polishes. The right solutions are there and you can be sure to choose the best of the lot now. Surely this is something you can go for at the moment.

Avoid Applying Nail Polish After Your Nails Soak In Water

An old custom in the Brazilian nail polish routine is to soak your hands in water to soften cuticles and facilitate removal. However, this practice was gradually abandoned by the salons and also by those who make their own nails. Cuticle softening creams perform the same function as water, but without drying the nails and influencing nail polish. When they are soaked, the nails absorb the liquid and swell, so it is essential to give them time to dry and return to normal size avoiding cracks.

Base And Extra Shine Protect Your Finish

Using the base before the enamel and applying extra shine afterwards will make all the difference in the finish of the nails when they dry. Never skip the base step, as it will ensure that the color application is even more uniform and will also help the enamel to adhere better. The extra shine will be responsible for protecting the enamel against cracking and flaking.

Very Smooth Nails And Natural Skin Oil Repel The Enamel

The cuticle naturally loosens an oil for protection and health of the nails and if your nail polish peels or cracks easily near the cuticles , this may be the problem. When the oil is released in large quantities it ends up preventing the products used in the manicure from achieving the ideal fixation. To end the annoyance of very smooth or oily nails, the solution is to lightly sand the entire surface before applying the base, so the grip will be greater.

Bonnie Baldwin