In the present time, when the power goes out in our homes, our lives are halted because every gadget like TV, Laptops, iPads, PCs, Mobile Phones, etc., is powered by electricity. Such basic requirements are why a backup generator is always important for a family to have in their homes. Generators help people in their bad times when the power goes out and there is no backup power supply available. However, backup generators do not have your back in all instances. There are many occasions in which backup generators run out of fuel, have a startup issue, or some other issue that causes it to halt its startup. The major issues arise due to problems in batteries, fuels, switches, etc. At any point you can reach out to any Electrician in Vacaville to your help.

Here are some common reasons why a backup generator may not start:

Battery Failure:

A drained battery can build up high amounts of lead sulfate on its plates when the battery is not maintained at its full potential. This also occurs when the battery has been discharged and recharged too many times. The outcome of this practice is a battery that can’t hold a charge potential for very long and won’t have the capacity to auto-start your backup generator when you need it. If your battery was drained out or if it’s older than three years or the usual recommended amount then you need to replace it.

Sometimes you can start your backup generator with an older battery by cleaning its connections. Loose connectors can cause an excessive amount of power loss if not maintained thoroughly.  If your battery is “borderline” and the connections are bad, you should try cleaning and restoring it for a better outcome.

No Fuel or Degraded Fuel

Backup generators that have a mechanical fuel level gauge can give their owners a false indication of having fuel even in times when there is no fuel in the tank. This is a false or degraded fuel meter. Some tanks have a low functioning meter that can get you to believe that your generator is facing some technical issue when in reality it is just out of fuel. When the tank is almost empty, the air is prevented from being drawn into the fuel system, periodically giving it a direct visual check.

Diesel fuel is used in a backup generator. It has a tendency of degenerating with time. Cracking is employed to avoid this situation from occurring in devices that run on diesel fuel. Moreover, in instances that tanks have a tendency of condensing water inside them from time to time, there is a possibility of microbial growth in the engine. This can be directly damaging for the engine and cause long term damage. We recommend that you periodically check your tank’s health for such problems and get them resolved by electricians before any major issue. Electricians in Vacaville are highly expert in the service.

Not in Auto Mode

The simplest reason for generators not starting is that generators can often deviate from auto mode to manual mode. However, it can cause future problems for your generator if it starts to do this often. Cold temperature can freeze your pipes that can also cause delays in auto mode. We advise owners to double-check their generators for the auto-manual switch and make sure that it is always on auto mode. We also recommend you to check that the circuits and breaks are closed so that your generator auto starts whenever the electricity goes out.

Coolant Problem

In instances when your generator’s coolant levels are low due to leaks, the coolant is not cooled due to a radiator issue, it is not flowing properly, the engine overheating. Your generator’s sensors detect this and put your generator in shut down mode. We recommend that you find the hose and belt drive equipment, coolant puddles, drips, and crusted areas of dried coolant.

Sometimes the generator accumulates grit, dust, oil, and internal corrosion by oxidation in the radiator core. Take the time to get an expert to check the radiator for corrosion and cleanliness. You may also use the coolant for dirt and other types of contaminants. Moreover, you should look for internal coolant leaks by looking for oil that has been discolored. In the case of coolant in the system, it will start to give it a milky texture when compared to other types of generator oils.


These reasons given above are the most common causes your backup generator to fail from start. These issues can be easily resolved if the owner starts to take good care of their generator and change their oils in periodic intervals of time. Some major issues such as a coolant problem in the oils are more difficult to check by non-professionals. Reach out to an expert to get your generator checked for the above-mentioned problems as they would know how to fix them in no time. If you are searching for an electrician in Vacaville then we would suggest you to consider Aleco electric repair service. Their team is professional electrical experts and won’t let you down.

Bonnie Baldwin