Comparison Between the e-cig and Traditional Cigar

Comparison Between the e-cig and Traditional Cigar

Cigars have become very common in the world of today. There are many new smokers that are emerging each and every day. This has been made possible with the fast development of technology especially in this sector. In the past, there have been very simple cigars that are made from the simplest technology that you can think of. The companies were therefore using the special paper that the machines used to wrap the dry tobacco inside and close the top part with a filter. This type of cigar is supposed to be consumed once and for all. This is because of the fact that the smoker will have to burn the lower end of the cigar so that the entire content of the tobacco is lit. As it burns, it will be able to produce the smoke that the smoker shall be inhaling. As time went by, there came the production of the electronic cigars. These relied entirely on the powering from the electricity for the devices to work. It therefore meant that such cigars may not be able to be popular especially in places where electricity is not available. The e-cig is therefore a special device that uses the following components for it to perform its work;

  • Heating element
  • Mouthpiece
  • Liquid tobacco

Heating element

This is a special element that is fitted in the device. It is supposed to burn up the liquid tobacco to the point of vaporization. It therefore means that it will have to be so powerful so as to provide the heat that will be able to vaporize the liquid. It is also important that the heater gets power from the battery that is made up of lithium. This battery is also fitted in the e-cig device. It therefore needs to be charged from time to time so as it can assure the device of the regular supply of power that is important in heating.


It is the upper part of the device that is designed to allow the mouth to perfectly fit on top of the device. It is from this point that inhaling will have to take place from. Inside the mouthpiece, there is a sensor that is supposed to make sure that it detects vaping and initiates the whole process of the vaporization. This causes the eater to heat at very high temperatures within a short period of time. After such heating, vapor is produced and then the process is completed.

Liquid tobacco

The liquid tobacco is industrially extracted from the tobacco while it is raw and fresh. It is then mixed with the preservative that ensures that the liquid stays for a longer period. The device has got a reservoir that is meant to hold the liquid before it is heated by the heater. It is also important that you keep on checking the levels of the e-cig reservoir so as you keep on refilling it with the e-liquid for awesome functioning of the device for longer vaping.

David Lockhart