Contemporary Tiling Trends

Contemporary Tiling Trends

Tiles have been in general use for a long time. They are always the number one option for anyone looking to renovate their interior or exterior. The curvature of the tiles’ trend does not seem to flatten any soon either as we reach the middle of 2020. Let us delve into the world of contemporary tiling trends for clarity.

There is a cause behind why tiles have been a regular choice for people over the years; it’s its adaptability. We will see how fast the trend of different styles of tiles changes if we examine the market behavior for the last couple of years in the tiles industry.

It’s crucial for anyone working in the tiles or even the ceramic industry, or even for someone who is looking to buy mosaics to follow the trends of the market to make the correct choice. That is why we are going to show you some of the contemporary tiling trends going on around and making a buzz in the tile industry.

Wooden Tile Trend

The trend of using wood-like tiles has been a staple in style since the inception of the 21st century. They were always being updated because of the massive interest in the market. For as long as my memory can recall, this trend of tile has been consistent. Yes, the ideas might have changed, but the thirst for always wooden style tiles was still there.

Tile manufacturers perfected the art of deception and illusion in the flooring market. So it’s no shock that their contemporary natural wood features were just about the hottest thing on the flooring market during the years. Companies have been able to mimic all the hottest wood flooring trends of the century with their textured looks.

In 2020, the trending texture trends in both firm hardwood and wood lookalikes are hand-scraped, wire-brushed, and distressed. They are all alike and can often be mixed with one another.

Ocean Glass Grey Tile Trend

Hand-poured glass with a cloud impact adds an elegant look to the traditional design of subway tiles. The shades of gray in a pale and opaque palette form glass tiles that you have never seen elsewhere.

These dark tiles are sure to stand out as a centerpiece of design wherever they are placed. The inter nature of its color also allows these glass tiles to adjust to a variety of colors. Adorning kitchens, bathrooms, and other arrangements can adapt to all kinds of styles, from modern to traditional.

Metro mosaics have usually been installed in a staggered format. Still, different familiarization can form herringbone and basket weaving patterns for those who want greater visual interest. They can be stand-alone or with varying colors as decorative strips for kitchen or bathroom tiles. The glass tiles are also immune to stains, allergens, and fungi.

The Oldschool Subway Trend

Subway tiles never went out of contemporary style, and they are not about to any soon either. They are seen everywhere within a renewed form since 2005, with new and innovative installation patterns going. Architects were casting out the old school model offset joint design that has been around forever.

Old school subway tiles are still around, but, in that particular year, they were strengthened by talented, creative artists with their minor and straightforward variations. Crosshatch and the herringbone or basketweave designs were putting a twist to the right old classic formula. It added texture and visual pleasance to the old school subways that you always loved to make exceptional use of.

Subway tile trends were not just about being unique. The right shift in the design through the hands of architects saw people profiting in terms of utility. Spacious, open kitchens were the new hot back then. People were beginning to lay subway tiles diagonally. That was a sharp way to make the rooms feel more spacious.

Contemporary Textured Tiling Trends for your Home

Determining what kind of textured tile best suits your home can be troublesome, especially with the diversity of choices available to your fingertips. But, we have compressed it down to only four of the best contemporary tiling trends, so that you don’t have to.

Modern-Day Look Trend

Brushstroke tiles, also known as linear tiles, are maturing to be the go-to tiles for owners or people wanting a modern tile that gives them a modern-day clean look in their house. The broad grout lines help give a proportional look as well as make the process of cleaning the tiles way easier for you!

An additional perk of this kind of tiles covers that it can simply make your room look spacious and big.

Wood Effect Tiling Trend

Do you want a very natural looking country-look for your home? Wood effect tiles should be your go-to. Even if you don’t want an utterly wooden effect, there are wooden textures that are accessible in other colors (grey, for example), bringing out a modern and minimalistic look in your place that you call home.

This kind of tiles is also easy to maintain because it comes without the severe effects of contemporary textured tiles and trends.

Rustic Tiling Trends

Textured mosaic tiles can be fun to be seen in use in hallways and areas which can be instantly crowded in your home. It’s arduous to not use this kind of tiles when it comes to building a statement with tiny tiles.

But, you should beware of these tiles as challenging to maintain as they have firm textures. But, keep in mind that it can easily withstand a lot of crowds and are more long-lasting than other textured tiles.

Wavy Tiling Contemporary Trend

Ever seen those advertisements with amazing bathroom interiors? Chances are, all of those bathrooms in the ads had the trendy, wavy tiles that can give your bathroom walls a more elegant look.

This kind of tile can bring a calming effect to any of your rooms’ interior, which is the kind of versatile flooring.

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