Coronavirus (COVID -19) and Pregnancy: How the Coronavirus (COVID -19) Affects Women Undergoing Fertility Treatment?

Coronavirus (COVID -19) and Pregnancy: How the Coronavirus (COVID -19) Affects Women Undergoing Fertility Treatment?

These days, coronavirus, the ongoing global outbreak, is the only content of news you can find in the entire newspaper. Creating a worldwide outrage, this severe acute respiratory syndrome, has become the most extensive matter for debate. And why not, when it has shattered the entire world, threatening every single human being. Specialists advise people with a weak immune system to stay more cautious. What should the women undergoing fertility treatment do under these circumstances? Check out what are the views of specialists at IVF fertility treatment Arizona on this. 

Declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, Coronavirus has taken in its grip the physically weaker section of the society. Considering the criticality of the circumstance, Fertility Treatment Centre Scottsdale is leading the initiative to bring awareness among pregnant ladies and women undergoing fertility treatment. 

Are Pregnant Women in the ‘At Risk’ Group?

Pregnant women, in particular, are being given precautional instructions to heighten public distancing. Whether the virus infects the baby via mother or not, is still an entity of research, though. 

According to a report issued by ESHRE, there are cases where women analyzed positive for the virus delivered healthy babies without the infection. Though, some reports indicated cases of premature delivery. In contrast, another report of a coronavirus infected lady reported her baby to be infected by the virus. However, it is not clear that the syndrome has traveled through the mother or vertical transmission. 

To sum up, there is no powerful impact of coronavirus on pregnancy. Although premature delivery can be the one. Experts at Fertility Treatment Centre Scottsdale advise pregnant ladies to avoid social activities, attending events and traveling strictly. 

What If You Become Pregnant While Infected with Coronavirus?

Illness does not necessarily affect pregnancy. Fever less than 102 degrees do not harm the baby. While it may severely affect sperm if reaching a higher temperature. Hence, the level of fever specifies what happens if you get pregnant while suffering from coronavirus. 

Steps for Couples Considering A Fertility Treatment 

At this time, all couples are advised to avoid considering fertility. For this very moment, you need to make peace together. Infertility is a life confrontation, and IVF Fertility Treatment Arizona understands how aggravating it is to stay childless. But for now, amid this civil health disaster, it is better to avoid IVF until the upheaval calms down. 

If you have undergone the treatment already, it is best to contemplate postponed pregnancy with oocytes or embryo freezing for dead embryo transfer. Freezing the created egg or the embryo is highly suggested as a precautionary measure. 

How Does Coronavirus Affect Eggs?

The impact of coronavirus on oocytes remains unknown. Though, one should not induct fertility therapy if symptoms similar to those of flu are identified.

Should You Change Your Plan of Getting Pregnant Due to Coronavirus?

There is no need for you to change your plan if you don’t have COVID-19. There is no medical justification for which you should prefer to abandon your plan. Though looking at the circumstances worldwide, modifying your plan can be a good option. 

Detain Yourself If:

Someone near you has symptoms of the virus (stay away for 14 days from the day the symptoms were first recognized).

Someone over 70 having long-term conditions or someone with a depleted immune system lives around you. 

Your chest or back feels hot on touching. 

A new continuous cough has caught you. You are at major risk if cough grabs you usually.

Staying at home for 7 days after recognizing symptoms is highly recommended. 

If you experience fatigue, fever, cough, and shortness of breath for about 2-14 days, contact your doctor immediately. This information is as published by Fertility Treatment Centre Scottsdale. These could be the symptoms of COVID-19.

Precautions Are – Forever – Far Better Than Cure!

To avoid catching and spreading coronavirus, people, particularly pregnant women, should be very careful with their regular activities. 

IVF Fertility Treatment Arizona suggests some safety precautions for women which are as follows:

Wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and water much often, especially after getting home or work. 

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth if your hands are not clean.

Use a tissue or your sleeve and not your hands to cover your mouth and nose every time you cough or sneeze. Wash hands immediately afterward. 

Work from home, as much as possible. 

Avoid traveling, especially via public transport.

Strictly, stay away from social activities or events with groups of people. Say no to visitors, including friends and families. 

Most importantly, do not plan to travel abroad, especially to the areas which are hugely affected by the virus.

Dealing with the Pandemic

Threatening enough, there is no specific treatment for coronavirus known so far. Antibiotics have no effect on the disorder. Through medication, one can surely suppress the symptoms but not the cause. The sigh of relief is that your body fights the illness gradually, though. If you have a strong immune system, you can easily stay insulated from this deadly pandemic. On the other hand, vulnerable people can have serious disorders in this period of a global outbreak. Still, taking the precautions seriously, particularly that of avoiding public meetings and traveling abroad, a major section of the society can stay protected. 

Ease Your Anxiety of Corona

To sum up, don’t worry too much, just follow the suggested precautions carefully. Fertility Treatment Centre Scottsdale strictly suggests pregnant ladies to avoid meeting people, even colleagues, and family members. Stay calm; only 1% of women suffering from coronavirus are reported to have critical problems. However, in cases of infection with coronavirus, pregnancy loss is also observed.

So just balance what you should do and what not. Do not procrastinate on safety measures to invite the worst. Stay at home, isolate yourself, and ensure cleanliness around yourself. As coronavirus is believed to slow down with hot climate, try to expose your body to the sunshine. Maintain your body’s temperature by drinking warm water. Stay calm, and go on!

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