Create a Good CV despite Short Experiences

Create a Good CV despite Short Experiences

Not having enough experience is one of the most common obstacle for many job seekers, especially young graduates.The best solution is to present the limited experience in the best possible way. In this article, you will find tips to create an effective resume despite this weak point.

Be Clear about the Dates in your CV

First of all, it is highly recommended to create a CV with to catch the recruiter’s attention.Then, you have to be concise and honest with all the dates appearing in the resume. There is no point in inflating certain dates. Many candidates are tempted to write something like”Summer 2019″ for a fixed-term contract of a month, or even just to mention the year in order to hide a few holes?

That is one of the most common mistakes made by job applicants. Do not try to fool anyone and know that honesty is more likely to point you out. The basis is to be clear with the dates even if you have short-term experiences, and then, to be able to provide relevant explanations.

How to Present a Planned Short Experience in a CV?

Often, you can mention things simply and still impress the recruiter. There are many acceptable reasons for a short assignment. It is common for young graduates to multiply short experiences. That is completely normal. In this case, it is a matter of specifying that it is a fixed-term contract linked to a replacement or an increase in seasonal workload.

But a more confirmed profile does not have to be ashamed of a similar situation either. It is no longer rare to see employees who, between two permanent contracts, take a break before looking for a new more permanent position. On this subject, mentalities have changed. A short assignment does not ruin aCV anymore. On the contrary, recruiters now read them as potentially rewarding missions. If possible, present the fixed-term contract as a mission and specify the target set and some results.

If It Was Not Planned…

When a short experience is not explained on the job application, the recruiter can imagine that the candidate cannot fill the corporate communications job in London and will dismiss their CV.. However, certain contracts may be shortened for admissible external reasons. There is the classic case of a takeover, outsourcing or a change in business strategy. In this case, nothing prevents the candidate from summarizing the context in one line.

But there are also cases where the candidate himself leaves a job after a few months, for the simple reason that he found better. Present it as a promotion in your resume. It is necessary that the recruiter understands that it was a great position that could not be refused!

Bonnie Baldwin