Creating A Santa Workshop For Your School Holiday Store Fundraiser

Creating A Santa Workshop For Your School Holiday Store Fundraiser

Now that you have decided to host a School Holiday Shop fundraiser, there are some things that you should consider. You can try out a Santa workshop. It spices up your school holiday store fundraiser, and rake in a lot of funds for that school program that needs funding.

One thing that you must know is that for this school holiday store fundraiser to be successful, you have to be creative and incorporate everyone. No one should feel left out.

The decorations that can be used for your Santa workshop are sourced around. You don’t need to worry your head about them.

It is necessary that you unleash your creativity if you want to create the right Santa workshop for your Christmas holiday.

Give it the North Pole look.

Where does Santa live in? The North Pole, of course. What does this mean? It means that you should make it look like the North Pole. Santa lives and works in the North Pole, meaning that its workshop should carry a North Pole look. Remember you are turning your Santa shop into a Santa workshop.

To give your Santa workshop the genuine look, you should consider turning the door of the workshop into a North Pole look. It won’t be a bad idea to set the inside of the Santa shop to look like the north pole. Kids know what the North Pole looks like, and you can consider asking them for help.

If they know that they are Santa helpers, you will see them a lot excited about the Christmas shop.

You can get the North Pole look by using some signs that say, ‘Welcome to the North Pole, home of Santa workshop,’ and embedding them in the background.

It won’t be a bad idea to use “Elves at work.” This is am an awesome look for your north pole decoration.

The older kids can help to craft out the perfect signs by utilizing plywood. When done, they can hang them with a piece of wire.

Santa himself in flesh.

Since it is a Santa workshop that you are trying to depict, Santa has to be present. Yes, you read that right. He has to be there in the flesh. How do you get this done? Simple. You can have someone dressing as Santa. All the person has to do is to wear Santa’s outfit. If you cant get someone to do this, you can consider getting a big Santa Claus toy. The former option is better because kids tend to have a lot of fun with a human Santa Claus. The Santa can talk to them, ask them questions, and interact with them. Santa can carry them, listen to them talk on end about different things.

Don’t forget about Santa’s letter. Remember that you want to create a believable scenario. Create the message and leave it in one place that anyone that enters can easily view it.

Christmas tree

If you don’t have a Christmas tree, then Christmas is over. Pack up and go home. You can’t sell the idea of a Santa workshop without a Christmas tree nearby. No way will it work. You can use the Christmas tree to have your School Santa workshop decorated. Killing a lot of birds with a stone. Hurray! You can use tools, cookies, and toys to decorate the Christmas tree. Hurray!

Use the Elves

When it comes to Santa’s workshop, the elves are important. When a person thinks of a Santa workshop, the initial thing that comes to mind is the elf. How can Christmas be complete without elves nearby? How?

It won’t be a bad idea to get some kids to dress as elves. You can consider using ribbon, cup, paper, as well as a balloon to create the elves.

You should leave some evidence that the wives are present around the station to show the kids that elves are on duty.

The Elf’s workstation

You should create an elf’s workstation and fill it up with toys. Ensure that everywhere has toys. You can display different toys around in smart manners. They can be stacked on top of the other to form a  pyramid, but it should be done to ensure that it is stable. You can consider hanging the gifts from the ceiling in a matter if numerous angles.

You can put a table and design it to look like elf’s workstation.

You can add some vintage toys and tools there too, such as fabric, glue, hammer, and so on.

Clare Louise