Crime Scene Cleanup: Helping The Families Deal With The Grief

Crime Scene Cleanup: Helping The Families Deal With The Grief

When you are in the business of performing crime scene cleanup Little Rock Arkansas, you develop some sort of alter personality that serves as a cushion between you and the cold hard fact that people lose their loved ones to the cold grip of death often. Even worse sometimes, it is as a result of a crime or a ghastly accident. While the alter personality is a way for cleaners to keep their psychological health in check, the families they work for do not always have that luxury. Sometimes, the presence of the crime scene cleaners is what really drives home the reality that they would never see their loved ones again.

How Can the Cleaners Help?

Show Some Empathy

This point cannot be overemphasized. Most companies always have someone on the cleanup crew who has tremendous people skills and who is usually a spokesperson for the cleanup crew whenever information is to be passed to the family. The use of the right words that would convey the right measure of sympathy and empathy is most important in cases like these.

Keep Your Distance

As much as you want to show that you feel for the family, you shouldn’t overdo it. Do not seek them out at every opportunity just to offer some platitudes that they’ve been hearing all day. 

Have a Sense of Propriety

While it is your job to make sure that the crime scene cleanup Little Rock Arkansas is optimally carried out, you shouldn’t undermine their decision over what ultimately happens to the items that might be found on the crime scene. If for instance, there is a certain item that has been compromised by biohazards and you feel cannot be remediated is of immense sentimental value to them, probably because the deceased cherished it, do you just starkly tell them to stop being stupid and throw it out? The best course of action in this case would be to patiently help them see reasons why it is in their best interest to have it thrown out. If they refuse still, then do your utmost to ensure that the item is remediated and as safe as can be.

Do a Good Job

Ultimately, this is the best way that crime scene cleaners can help the families they offer their services to. An immaculate crime scene cleanup Little Rock Arkansas not only makes the crime scene safe and habitable once again, but also rids the scene of all indication of the ugly incident that transpired within. 

None of the family members would like to be reminded everyday about what happened and the best way to do that is by removing all evidences that points to it, both physical and otherwise.

It is true that crime scene cleanup companies do not necessarily provide counselling that might help grieving families successfully wade through the 5 stages of their grief. However, if they are just compassionate and thorough enough on the job, then they might help the families cope a little better with the tragedy that they are facing.


Bonnie Baldwin