Crossfit exercises without special equipment

Hello, friends! In this article we will talk about crossfit exercises without special equipment. As you know, this blog covers the theme of Workout, but Workout is a very flexible sport. CrossFit is also a rather flexible and interesting sport, but it doesn’t quite suit us, since there are exercises with a barbell, for example. But, we will take only the best, the most interesting of crossfit, that can be used in street training. Workout is somewhat similar to Mixfight, in terms of the fact that it has absorbed only the most interesting of similar sports, and continues to absorb. If this or that exercise is not practiced in Street Workout, this does not mean that it cannot be introduced there


First of all, I want to say about such an exercise as Burpy, which was already discussed in one of the previous articles. This is jumping up, but a little improved. You need to take an emphasis lying down, push out, pull your legs to your hands, stand up and jump out, making at the top point clap your palms. This exercise can be performed with some kind of burden, which can even be an ordinary backpack full of books.

Burpy with a bag

If we talk about burpee with a bag, then you need to use a special bag with sand, or a Bulgarian bag. But you do not need to jump out, making cotton – just stand up to your full height and lift up your weight on straight arms. If there is no bag, then you can use something else – this is not so critical, the main thing is that there is weight and that it is convenient for you.


Kippings are pull-ups that we will consider in the future, but now briefly about them. This is one of the high-speed types of pull-ups on the crossbar, which has its own goals. Crossfit prepares the athlete for situations that are far from standard, and the main goals of this sport is to develop strength and endurance. Some exercises that are usually performed with one technique in crossfit have a completely different technique.

If you are engaged in a workout, then most likely you are doing exercises that don’t use cheating, you work honestly and with full amplitude. In workout it is necessary, but not in crossfit, where there are other tasks and other goals. Cheating – help with other muscle groups, swings, etc. In crossfit, this is argued by the fact that during an emergency, no one will pay attention to the technique of the exercise – in this case, pull-ups. Kippings – pull-ups on the bar where cheating and swinging are used. It is necessary to do as many pull-ups as possible, for a certain amount of time. When you look or talk about this exercise, it seems simple, but in fact you still need to learn how to pull yourself up.

Conventional jumping

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and close your arms behind your head. Perform a squat, after which, that there is urine, push off, making a jump up. The exercise must be done in an explosive style.

Raising legs on the crossbar

Lifting the legs on the bar is a simple but effective enough exercise for the abs. The technique is very simple – we hang on the horizontal bar and raise straight legs to the crossbar. If you cannot lift straight legs, then lift to the chest, legs bent at the knees.

Explosive style push ups

Explosive push-ups are performed, as well as usual, but you need to push as much as possible from the floor to tear off a few centimeters from the floor, or make cotton. Pushups are also called plyometrics.

Plyometric push ups

Plyometric exercises

Push-ups: the best exercise for home workouts

This is not all crossfit exercises without special equipment.

Jumping over obstacles

In this exercise, you first need to choose some kind of obstacle – it can be anything, but this item should not be a pity, since the first time you will hurt it and it will fall. Perhaps you will also fall, and therefore you need to train on the surface, where you yourself will not damage anything when falling. Use side jumps and back and forth jumps. As you train, increase the height of the obstacle.

Accelerated running

Everything is simple here. During a normal run you need to do acceleration. For example, we run 100 meters at a normal pace, and 50 we run at an accelerated pace.

Shuttle run

At this point, regular shuttle running is practiced. Constantly complicate the exercise, increasing the number of runs and the length of the distance.

Explosive style

We train in approximately the following way: we run 100 meters at maximum speed, then we return back in the usual calm step. Having returned, we run again 100 meters as quickly as possible, and again, after a calm return to the start, we repeat the race. The main thing is not to spare yourself, because the result depends on it.

Rope jumping

You need to jump as long as possible and as quickly as possible. If you want to complicate the exercise, you can put weighting materials on the legs of the hand.


Of course, this is not all exercises, but they are enough to start training in the style of crossfit. At the same time, these exercises will help to perfectly complement your workout training.

Edward Powell