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Is holding a powerful mini-radio transmitter and antenna next to your head a health issue to you or your family? The device is called a cell phone, which connects to numerous cell towers through powerful pulsed microwave signals that carry voice and data.  The cell phone has single-handedly taken communication to the next level.  But does it harm the user?

Cruz case phones believes it does for the following reasons.

1) Pulsed microwave signals have been proven to break down the blood brain barrier in the human body. The blood brain barrier filters out toxins from going into your brain. No filter equals more toxin in your blood stream now enter your brain.

2) A study by Dr. Om Gandhi, EMF Specialist, University of Utah, demonstrated radiation penetrating the skull of a 5-year-old child (75%), 10-year-old (50%) and an adult (25%). His findings included for each 1mm the cell phone is held away from the body, cell phone radiation decreases 10%.

3) Cell phone user manuals include warnings not to hold the cell phone next to your body or you may be exposed to excessive radiation.

On the other hand, how many reported brain tumors or other cell phone related health issues do you personally know about? With so many people using cell phones, why doesn’t the industry state if there is a danger and end this debate? Is it money, markets, customer acquisition or simply there is no damage from these powerful miniature cell phone transmitters?

Cruz Case Corporation founder, John Cruz, believes there is a health issue. “The reports are too consistent among those that are scientific health professionals”, says Cruz.   What sold me was the cell phone manufacturer’s issuing EMF warnings in their user manuals and Operating System software.

As a result, Cruz offers Cruz phone Cases ( with shielding material that blocks the powerful signals directed into the brain like no other phone case on the market.

Whether you believe holding your cell phone next to your brain creates any problems for the brain or not, if you can buy a quality phone case at the same price with the added feature of protecting the brain, why not buy a Cruz case?

Cruz phone cases are sold online in Canada at Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon. Also sold at various online retail outlets in the United States. Search “Cruz radiation protection phone cases”. Or for more information email


David Lockhart