Decora: Beautiful Cabinetry Tailored to Fit your Space

Decora: Beautiful Cabinetry Tailored to Fit your Space

Since 1976, Decora has been crafting quality cabinetry under MasterBrand Cabinets. Every Decora cabinet is masterfully handcrafted in Jasper, Indiana, a town founded by Germans in the 1800s, which has become a woodworking and furniture center in America.

With its exquisite design and carpentry, Decora is one of the most sought-after cabinets for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, and almost every room worthy of a custom cabinet.

If you are planning to build your dream house or to renovate your home, having a Decora cabinet installed will be worth the purchase as the brand not only ensures the beauty, but also expertise in crafting and tailoring the designs not just to fit your budget but also the space it deserves.

Purchasing a Decora cabinet is not your usual off-the-rack or off-the-catalog order. Each piece is carefully measured, ordered, and installed by experts who are ready to guide you from planning to completion.

What sets a Decora cabinet apart is the natural hardwood that is made even beautiful over time with stains or glazes or the paint or finishes. This is part of the customization for your cabinet order, along with choosing the kind of grain that ranges from bird pecks to burls, sugar tracks to mineral or gum streaks, heartwood or sapwood. Each type of grain is a mark of artistry in itself and some are unique to the hardwood.

Your custom Decora cabinets will definitely bring together the home design by adding embellishments such as moldings, corbels, legs, or other decorative accents of your choosing. Crown your Decora masterpiece with rosettes or valances. Choose hardware and your cabinet is not only eye-candy but also highly functional.

Not only is a Decora cabinet beautifully designed and created, but it is also environment-friendly. The manufacturers promise sustainability and up to 90% of the waste products are reused or recycled. Decora is certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP), so you are assured of their commitment to preserving the environment.

Due to the high-quality standards, Decora is available only through selected dealers. All dealers are guaranteed to provide excellent service from planning your order to measuring your space, to discussing your designs, all the way to expert installation.

If you are in the area and looking for Decora carpentry in San Diego, trust CITY CABINET CENTER to provide you with high-quality service that the brand is known for. With 15 years in the business, CITY CABINET CENTER is more than just a shop, they specialize in the design, supply, and installation of kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

CITY CABINET CENTER’s team of designers is all equipped to provide you with the assistance you need in building or remodeling your home while keeping inside your budget. They also have a full team of installers who are insured and licensed, ready to assist you in ensuring your purchase of Decora carpentry in San Diego is properly and professionally in place.

Building a house or even remodeling one are both equally taxing to undertake, but with CITY CABINET CENTER’s team on your side, your project becomes manageable and guaranteed to be professionally done. Soon you’ll be able to relax and show off the Decora carpentry in your San Diego home.

David Lockhart