Defective Car Parts Can Cause Serious Accidents: Who Should be Liable?

Defective Car Parts Can Cause Serious Accidents: Who Should be Liable?

A lot of car accidents resulted from a driver’s negligence and recklessness. But, sometimes car accidents can also occur because of a defective part. Victims of collisions caused by defective car parts can suffer injuries that may require long-term treatment and significant property damage.  

Every vehicle is composed of thousands of parts that should sync together to guarantee safe operation while on the road. However, even a single defective part can already impact a car’s operation, causing a serious accident. If you have been in an accident caused by a defective car part and want to file a claim for compensation, you know how complicated the case might be. Thankfully, a Car Accident Lawyer Rockford can help prove the exact cause of your accident and ensure the liable party will pay.

Who Should Pay for Your Injuries?

In a car accident that resulted from a defective car part, you must demonstrate that you suffered injuries or losses because of a manufacturing or design defect or a failure of a company to provide consumers with some warnings. An accident attorney will look to the following parties to determine who should take responsibility for accidents due to defective car parts:

  • The company that manufactured the defective part. Car parts manufacturers should ensure the safety of their products. A part failure because of a manufacturing error could lead to an accident, for which the manufacturing should be held liable. 
  • Defective part designers. Sometimes, a car part can have a defective design that can result in issues the designer failed to detect during the testing phase. In such a case, liability may be assigned to the original design of the part. 
  • Part marketers. Auto parts marketers should include warning signs or instructions for what they are marketing. Otherwise, they could share responsibility for any resulting damage. 
  • Dealerships. If a car part was not properly installed in the car, which results in an accident, the dealership or mechanic can be held liable for it. 

Working With an Accident Lawyer

Any person who sustained an injury because of a defective car part must work with an experienced attorney to help them build a strong case. Car accident claims can be quite complicated; however, the assistance of an attorney will make a difference in the outcome of a case. The lawyer will investigate the incident and help the victim get fair compensation from the insurance company of the party who caused the crash. They will negotiate a fair settlement with the insurer but if the latter refuses to pay a reasonable amount, the case can be brought to trial. 

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