Deflating The Bubble Of Cloud Hosting Myths

Deflating The Bubble Of Cloud Hosting Myths

Over the last decade, the web hosting landscape has gone through a transformation due to the disruptions brought about by changes in technology. Virtualization has helped develop virtual machines that have been the foundation of cloud technologies. 

While a Cloud Hosting service has evolved as the preferred option in web hosting, there are many myths that still surround it. Today, we will deflate the bubble of some common myths surrounding Cloud Server Hosting.

When you buy Cloud Hosting, your website data resides across a powerful cloud storage network which allows Cloud Hosting providers to offer optimum data redundancy and uptime.

Here are the top myths about Cloud Hosting:

Myth 1: Security can be an issue with Cloud Hosting

Fact: On the contrary, Cloud Hosting is more secure than most traditional hosting services. This is because of well-configured firewalls, the latest IBM helpdesk security tools, data redundancy, automatic daily backups, etc. In fact, Cloud Hosting has been designed by keeping security a top priority.

Myth 2: PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS are the same

Fact: Incorrect! While all three are cloud services, they offer different features and benefits. While SaaS is focused on helping you manage access to applications, it helps keep your applications secure, IaaS is more focused on the security of the virtual machines. Similarly, PaaS makes sure that your site data is secured. Therefore, they cater to the different needs of a site.

Myth 3: A Public Cloud is less secure than a Private Cloud

Fact: While this might seem logical, the fact is that a public cloud is more secured than a private cloud and not the other way around. This is because in a public cloud, each user has security measures in place and the cloud is protected too. Therefore, your site has multiple layers of protection as opposed to a private cloud where it is slightly more exposed to cyber-attacks.

Myth 4: Migrating to a cloud is cumbersome

Fact: A cloud is a different environment compared to a physical server. If you have migrated your site from a shared physical server to a Dedicated Server, then you don’t have to worry about a lot of aspects since both are physical servers. However, with a Cloud Hosting Server, you need to create a strategy and migrate your site carefully. While this might sound cumbersome, many Cloud Hosting providers offer migration assistance making the process easy and hassle-free.

Myth 5: Cloud Hosting is very costly

Fact: Cloud Hosting is costlier than traditional plans like Shared Hosting. However, the features and benefits offered by a Cloud Hosting plan easily outweigh its costs. Also, Cloud Hosting providers offer instant resource scalability allowing site owners to increase resources as the traffic grows. Hence, Cloud Hosting is more cost-efficient than traditional hosting plans.

You can also check out the following video for top myths pertaining to Cloud Hosting:

Summing Up

These are some common myths surrounding Cloud Hosting. Before buying a cloud plan, ensure that you assess your site’s hosting requirements and choose between managed/unmanaged services, HDD/ SSD Cloud Hosting plans, etc. 

Cloud Hosting is a relatively new technology and doubts are to be expected. However, if you are looking for a web hosting plan for your site, ensure that you look beyond the myths and pick the perfect plan. Good Luck!

Edward Powell