Designer radiators, how efficient are they?

Designer radiators, how efficient are they?

Designer radiators, with their good looks and aesthetic appeal, are the ideal way to bring eye-catching chic into your home.Designer radiators are not only an interior decorators dream, but they are also an investment worth making if you require exceptional performance and efficiency. You’ve worked hard to design the layout and style of your home, so why settle for less when it comes to your radiators? The designer radiators can be seamlessly integrated into your home decor, whereas a well-placed designer radiator can become a focal point in any room. Such modern radiators have proven to be popular alternatives to some of the more conventional central heating radiators, and will still maximize your space without spending a lot of money.

Design that is efficient

The higher the heat output, measured in British Thermal Units, the larger the surface area of a radiator (BTU).Designer radiators use tubular construction, convection fins, and heating panels to maximize heating area and BTU output while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Modern designer radiators are designed to provide higher BTU output for a warmer home with greater efficiency, and you can use our BTU calculator to find the best designer radiators for your home heating system. Your designer radiator will also meet EN442 standards, ensuring that the stated heat outputs are met. As a measure of the radiator’s quality and performance, you should also expect a peace of mind guarantee. Radiators in the HB Signature range, such as the trendy Raw Steel Alpha Scope, come with a one year warranty, trying to demonstrate their sturdiness and protracted reliability.

High-quality materials

Designer radiators are made of high-performance steel and aluminium to provide efficient heating while lowering your energy bills. Aluminium is a super conductor that heats up almost instantly and remains highly responsive to thermostatic changes while using less water than other radiator types. Steel is also a highly efficient heat conductor with superior heat retention, which means your home will stay warm long after the heating system has been turned off. Stainless steel has an attractive and easy-to-maintain finish and is corrosion resistant. Modern manufacturing techniques ensure that, whatever you choose, your designer radiator not only performs optimally but also looks great.

The ideal conclusion

A high-quality powder coating is not only beautiful to the touch, but it also has a higher level of emissivity (the ability to radiate heat) than bare metal, with a matte finish outperforming a gloss finish. A black radiator, such as the Typhoon, has a higher emissivity than a white radiator, but there are many different colours and finishes to choose from that are both efficient and visually stunning. The best designer radiator for your home will combine a variety of factors such as BTU output, high performance materials, and energy efficiency in a design that complements your décor. Why not look through our selection of high performance, energy efficient designer radiators to upgrade your home heating environment with maximum energy efficiency and style?

Paul Petersen