Different markets and the Taxes

Different markets and the Taxes

In order to calculate the Social Contribution on net income, it is necessary to take into account the 32% basis on the difference between the purchase and resale prices.


In the Presumed Profit there is the debit and credit technique, in which the ICMS is calculated based on the difference between the outgoing and incoming amounts. The other taxes on sales have fixed rates of 3% and 0.65%, respectively.


In the industry, in addition to the taxes already mentioned in other segments, there is also the incidence of IPI (tax on industrialized products). It is charged on goods that have undergone any type of industrialization, whether imported or domestic items. The rates vary according to the product – they are usually between 10% and 12%.

The first element to take into consideration to manage a credit in the best way is ask ourselves for what purpose the credit is necessary and essential. Austerity and discipline in the family must be the basis of stability in the home. An austere man and an austere woman do not use their resources in an uncontrolled way. The family must be involved in financial decisions, communicate to everyone the family budget, commitments and needs, in this way we do not have pressure from unanticipated purchases, or investments in unproductive properties.

The Right Budget now

Knowing how far our budget reaches and not committing our savings with credits, we must understand that banks provide credit bureaus with the history of all their clients. The way or manner in which we fulfill our obligations determines the quality of our credit history. The man who fully complies with all his debt commitments, has a healthy credit history and is desired by all banks or financial intermediaries.

Nowadays most financial institutions turn to credit information companies or Credit Bureau to evaluate and review the credit experience of people, before approving a financing, so if you have requested credits or made use of certain services have a track record, which will reflect your experience as a customer. Go for the calculate sales tax  also and get the tax calculated. Its is the easiest and the most time saving option.


The so-called “outsourced” are those services that have been delegated to other companies for a long time, even before the outsourcing law. They are usually carried out within the contractor. This is the case with safety, cleaning and conservation work. Here, there is an obligation to withhold 11% of the gross value of the service invoice or invoice at source when there is a transfer of labor. Therefore, it is essential to invest and take advantage of this initiative. However, we recognize that reducing costs is still a big challenge, so some tips have been selected to help with this challenge. Check it out.

Edward Powell