Different types of machines for card swiping

Different types of machines for card swiping

Card swiping machines can be found in many retail shops, malls, and many other places where sellers sell their goods. The swiping machines are used to make payments for the purchase that a customer has made from a shop or a shopping center. Debit or credit cards are used in order to make the payments. This facility has reduced the tension of carrying a lot of cash for shopping. No additional charges are used when a customer makes payments for his purchases. There are various types of card swiping machines and, in this article,, we will discuss about them in detail.


This is a very popular solution, which can be used by any type of business. There is no need of having any separate hardware like card payment machine or card swiping machine. Users have the option of making their smartphone as Ezetap and make the payment. Businesses can also purchase Ezetap hardware, which is compact in size and is best suited for the companies that deal in various kinds of fieldwork. Ezetap is also a good option for financial institutions.


The mPOS is a device that can be used to accept payments from the customers. The device has been introduced by ICICI bank and it works as an easy e-payment solution. This machine as reduced the cost of investment that merchants used to do in merchant services provided by the bank. People just need to install the mPOS app and connect it to the mPOS device for making payments. All the transactions made by this machine are secure.

HDFC Merchant Services

HDFC has introduced Data Capture device, which can help the businesses to improve their customer services. In this type of solution also, people need to install mPOS app on their mobile and avail the services provided by the bank. Besides the app, people should also have a card reader, which has to be connected to the smartphone. People should not worry about the payment as it is done in a secure environment. People just need to download the e app and provide few basic details. After the verification of the account, they can make the payment.

mSwipe Solutions

This is a solution, which businesses need to set up in order to receive payments from their customers. The payment can be done through debit and credit cards. This is an affordable solution, which small businesses can use to receive payment from their customers. The payment gateway used by the service is very secure. There is no need to open a separate account to use the services. Funds transfer can be done easily with the help of NEFT. People need to pay a small amount of monthly fee in order to use the service. The setup is also affordable.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the swiping services, which businesses can use in order to receive payment from the customers. The setup of these services is easy and affordable and in some of the cases, it is free, as people only need to download some apps in order to make the payment from their smartphone.

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