Different Ways on How PTAs can Raise Funds

Different Ways on How PTAs can Raise Funds

When you need extra funds for your school activities and one that many parents and community members will gladly contribute to, fundraising activities are the best option. If you are a member of the PTA and would love to know some creative and fun ideas you can try to raise money, then read on!  If you would like guidance in launching your fundraising campaign, visit Fundraising Zone to get started today.

Fundraising Events

  1. Student Art Show

You can organize a student art show in school. It’s an excellent way to build the community spirit, showcase your art program, and increase the confidence of the students.

Choose a theme for your art show and have the students from different year levels create and submit art for the show. You can also keep the best art in the whole year and then organize the showing.

Ensure that you have enough space for the art show. If the school area is not big enough, you can try a local sports center, a library, or a town hall.

There are different ways in which you can raise funds during a student art show:

  • You can charge an admission fee.
  • You can charge for the nibbles and refreshments.
  • You can auction off or sell the art.
  • You can combine any of the above.

Try to turn the event into an immersive event to make the student art show even more engaging and attractive to your guests.

Prepare some art supplies and a big canvas out for all the visitors to co-create art together. Ensure that you have several working stations so that a lot of people can work on the piece at the same time.

Another way is to organize an art lesson and bring in a local artist who is willing to donate their time in teaching the visitors about art.

  1. Sports Day

Sports Days are frequent fundraising opportunities. These days are hosted during summer, and sometimes spring and autumn. Sports Days are all about the students competing in a variety of sports and activities.

Since this event involves a lot of waiting around, you can do a lot of things to help the parents fill the time and refresh themselves. At the same time, you can raise funds while doing all of these.

Here are some practical fundraising activities you can organize before, during, or after a Sports Day:

  • Lemonade or tea stand

You can set up a refreshment stall that offers cold lemonade or hot tea. You can also sell coffee, cookies, and some muffins.

  • Picnic

You can organize a picnic breakfast with all the students and their parents before the competition begins. Fill the picnic basket with rolls, croissants, fruit, and spreads. You can charge a small amount per picnic basket.

  • BBQ Stand

At some point, student participants and parents will get hungry. You can get some BBQ items donated or buy them for less and sell them to parents while waiting and cheering their kids on.

  1. Parents Night Out

All parents would love an occasional night out or off the children’s duty! You can help them while raising funds for your PTA at the same time.

You can offer to take care of their kids while their parents are out. A perfect time would be Valentine’s Day or just before Christmas when parents do their Christmas shopping.

You can gather a small group of volunteers and see if you can use the school to host this fundraising event. Plan some activities and games to entertain the kids and keep them all in one location.

You can raise funds by charging per hour or choose a flat rate. Even if you charge a little higher price, a lot of parents are prepared to pay it because they would know that the money is going towards the betterment of the school their child attends.


In reality, PTA fundraising can be difficult. The parents and teachers can be overwhelmed by loads of work. That is why your PTA fundraising ideas should be as creative and as efficient as they can be.

Don’t forget to discuss how the funds will be used to improve the school and why raising funds is essential. You can mention working towards specific targets like new computers, books or sports equipment. It will encourage more involvement than just merely raising money.

Communication with parents and teachers is essential. Try to get everyone involved or at least supporting your fundraising ideas.

It’s easy to get stuck and repeat the same fundraising events over and over again. However, doing the same, old practices will leave money off the table. Trying the above ideas can give you different results.

David Lockhart