Digitogy Reveals Revolutionary Sleep Assisted Wristband

Digitogy Reveals Revolutionary Sleep Assisted Wristband

Leading tech review site Digitogy has recently stated that there is a new tech product that is helping people prone to snoring. That also means that the partners and families of those affected are also going to enjoy some relief thanks to the Sleep Connection Wristband. 

“We have to admit that we are impressed with how the Sleep Connection Wristband successfully trains the wearer to prevent themselves snoring,” said the CEO of Digitogy. He went on “The angle at which they have taken to cure something that affects millions around the world is quite genius. It has certainly worked its wonders on a few of our compulsive snoring reviewers here at Digitogy,”.

A common issue that affects millions around the world. There have been countless devices that have been said to reduce snoring. Some work better than others, and some do not work at all. With the Sleep Connection, the success stories have so far outweighed the failures by quite some margin. Digitogy.com.ko believes that this will be the case for most as the product is mass-produced and sold around the world.

While other products claim to stop snoring, the Sleep Connection Wristband works another way. It works based on the premise that people snoring are usually nudged by irritated partners until they change to a different sleeping pattern and thus stopping the snoring temporarily. 

It will detect when you are snoring and will simulate the nudging of a loved one through electrical impulses sent through your wrist. You will not wake up but will eventually be trained to subconsciously change your sleeping pattern when these impulses are felt. The strength of the impulse can be adjusted, which will ease the minds of snorers believing they are punished by electric shock. 

The Sleep Connection Wristband is unintrusive, comfortable to wear, and is suitable for all ages. It is also easy to use and just requires the application of some included conductive gel before wearing. Compared to other stop-snoring devices that require you to connect things to your nose or sleep with wires around you, this is simply worn on your wrist like a watch.

Digitogy spent a good few months testing this product, and the results among their snoring reviewers have been positive in the majority. So much so that their review of the product rewarded it with a high overall score. They also claimed that customers can take advantage of a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. 

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