Do I Need a Solicitor to Buy a House in UK?

Do I Need a Solicitor to Buy a House in UK?

Buying a house in the UK is a dream for many, after all, who doesn’t want to have their own home. One of the first concerns that you will have of course is whether you will need any kind of legal assistance when you are thinking of buying a house. If you want a simplistic answer is that you do not need a conveyancing solicitors London as an absolute. Having said that, however, there is a catch and the catch is that when you buy a house in the UK you have to undergo a rather lengthy procedure known as conveyancing.

What does that mean, you ask? Well, every piece of property or parcel of land has an owner or what the legal jargon called the title of ownership, and when you buy or sell a property this title of ownership has to be then transferred between the buyer and seller, which needs for proof and sale contract for the property. Now you may not require the specific services of a conveyancing solicitor in London if you have with you a licensed conveyancer or you are using a solicitor’s advice and last but not the least intend to do all this on your own, which to be honest is quite a hassle so you really have to be up for the challenge.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative for buying, selling or even thinking or remortgaging your house, then you can use the services of a licensed conveyancer. They’re definitely cost-effective when it comes to a simple clear cut process. However, as a piece of honest advice trying to do the conveyancing yourself is not something that is generally recommended, even if you are a smart man with excessive amounts of free time. It really is not something that is rationally justifiable for the kind of trouble you will be taking and our honest opinion would stand against it. Now when buying a commercial property or even an agricultural piece of land, basically any property that does not come under the umbrella of residential properties be it under leasehold or even freehold, it is best advised that you do get yourself a conveyancing solicitor in London. Now, this holds especially true if you are an NRI and property laws hence applicable to you would be a little different.

Licensed conveyancers even though they might be skilled and adept at the job they do, yet they are not equipped with the best of knowledge when it comes to the legal aspects of property dealing. If there are any kind of legal complexities involved in the transaction then the conveyancer may be at a loss, and might not have the most credible advice or opinion for you. This holds true especially for properties that are a high-value transaction, and by high value, we mean properties that have a buying or sale worth of over 2 million. Now in all fairness, most conveyancers do not handle such large value properties on a general basis, however, is someone does offer their services its best that you ignore them. The fact of the matter, is that large scale transaction needs an iron-clad contract and for that to be accomplished you would need the assistance of conveyancing solicitors in London to make sure that it’s virtually bulletproof.

So if you talk about the logistics of doing property transaction and feel like you do not need the services of conveyancing solicitors in London, of course, you are entitled to your opinion and rightly so. The fact of the matter, however, is that even though you might not need the services so to say, however you will have to deal with legal work. Having said that, the best way to ensure that there is no legal trouble in the future you need the services of a solicitor, thinking of it in the term of how you needed the assistance of an OCI agent for your OCI Application in London, in the same manner when you’re selling or buying a house, to make sure that you are getting you value for money and have left no loopholes for any sort of future trouble, get the services of conveyancing solicitors in London, it is worth it.


David Lockhart