Do The Non-Surgical Thread Lifts Work Well For People Over 50?

Do The Non-Surgical Thread Lifts Work Well For People Over 50?

As we age, our skin will lose its integrity and cause a saggy and wrinkled face. The support structures of the skin are collagen and elastin. Our skin will lose collagen and elastin over time due to the natural process of ageing. Collagen and elastin work to give volume to the skin by retaining hydration under the skin.

Harsh environmental exposure such as overexposure to sunlight, air pollution and the hot environment will also lead to the loss of these two essential substances. Saggy skin is usually noticeably seen around the age of ’40s and more pronounced after the age of 50 years-old. There are few ways to treat saggy skin such as laser therapy, injection, surgical facelift and the revolutionary thread lift.

What is thread lift and is it suitable for people over 50 years old?

Thread lift is a non-surgical technique to treat saggy skin problems. This is totally different than the previously popular surgical facelift. There are a number of mark distinctions between facelift and thread lift.

First and foremost, a surgical facelift is an invasive procedure which requires the use of general anaesthesia. A thread lift, on the other hand, is a minimally invasive procedure and does not need general anaesthesia, but instead using local anaesthesia. This difference alone is important for a patient above 50 years old since a lot of them have other comorbidities or chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes. General anaesthesia has its own risk such as heart attack and stroke for people with long term illness. This is why a procedure that uses local anaesthesia is more preferable.

Surgical facelift also requires a longer recovery period compared to thread lift. This is an important factor to consider when a person age 50 or above and wants to have a saggy skin treatment. The recovery process is an active process and requires energy and a healthy body to enable the healing to be smooth. As we age, the healing process may not be efficient and thus taking longer for the recovery after a surgical facelift. Longer recovery time may counteract the benefit of the procedure as the skin may be filled up with scar tissue instead of collagen during the recovery process.

This is in contrast to thread lift which has a short recovery time which is around 5-7 days when compared to 2-3 or even 6 weeks for a surgical facelift. The use of fine bio-degradable thread in the thread lift procedure also helps stimulate collagen production besides giving the physical pull of the skin.

Surgical facelift provides a lasting effect of elastic skin compared to thread lift. However, the ageing process will eventually cause the benefit of facelift treatment to disappear as well. With the advancement in the technique and materials used in thread lift procedure, the effects can last as long as up to two years. Even when the person needs another thread lift treatment, it is non-hassle for people to have it as compared to a surgical facelift.

Based on the arguments above, it is clear that not only thread lift works well for people above 50 years old but also is more preferable than a surgical facelift. People can now have non-surgical thread lifts in Kuala Lumpur at aesthetic clinics with experienced aesthetics practitioner.

Paul Petersen