Do You Like Your Potatoes Creamy? 

Do You Like Your Potatoes Creamy? 

Potatoes are one food that can be cooked in different ways making it seem like it was not even made from potato. Do you know that there is a potato dish that tastes so creamy and can leave you wanting more? If you are wondering which, it means you have not heard of the au gratin potatoes recipe which is so cheesy and creamy adding to the nutrients of the meal and its appeal. The method of preparing this recipe is so nice that it leaves the potato extra soft and if no one told you it was made from potatoes, you would not believe it. This is one meal that can be enjoyed by anyone and it is a perfect dish to add to your meal plan. 

You do not have to worry about the nutritional value because it is richly packed with all your body needs to survive. The main ingredient used in making this wonderful recipe is cheese. if you are having a difficult time picking the cheese of your choice, you should consider picking a mixture of cheese recommended by the store owner or attendant. Make sure that you use red potatoes. It just gives it that extra creamy taste because it has a naturally creamy taste. Make sure you never run out of onions whenever you want to make your au gratin potatoes. The smell and the aromatic flavor and taste it adds to this food are not something you would like to miss. 

The next thing needed is to make your sauce using your cheese and other ingredients. Personally, I like the cheddar cheese. It has a wonderful flavor that compliments this dish. You need to melt your cheese but before that add your butter, Let it melt before adding your cheese then stir it well. Add your flour and mix it thoroughly using a turner or whisk. Add your milk next and stir it well. This au gratin potatoes consume more milk than the scalloped potatoes. Add your garlic powder, rosemary powder (optional), curry powder (optional), Salt, and black pepper, and mix all well. 

To make your creamy potatoes, you need to butter your pan, make sure you do not skip the edges. You preheat your oven to 450 degrees if you are not covering it. Add part of the sauce before adding the potatoes and make sure it is thinner than your scalloped potatoes. You can cut your potatoes to 2mm. You can now add your sauce over the potatoes and cover. If you are covering, your oven should be at 380 degrees. You can add more toppings to the sauce and cover with a foil leaving it to bake. 


Clare Louise