Do you really need to hire an event company?

Do you really need to hire an event company?

When your business or organisation is planning an event – whether in the form of a conference, a brand marketing campaign or even a party – are you fully prepared for the amount of organisation required?

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The Stress of Event Management

According to Small Business Trends, working as an event coordinator was ranked as the fifth most stressful occupation in the US in 2014, just behind military personnel, firefighters and airline pilots. And that list assumes that the event coordinator is working full-time in the role – the job is therefore bound to be even more stressful for anyone hoping to squeeze event management duties into their current role.

But it’s not just a matter of stress that you need to take into account when planning a business event. Here are some points to consider when weighing up the prospects of calling in the professionals, or choosing to go it alone.


You might imagine that taking care of event planning using in-house staff will save you money, but this is not necessarily the case. Don’t underestimate the sheer volume of the workload involved in sourcing a venue, taking care of decorations, invitations and all the minutiae involved in making a large function go smoothly. Your in-house staff will have little, if any, time to spend doing their own work, leading to backlogs, not to mention frustration, for all concerned.

Another cost factor to bear in mind is that of venue hire. Without doubt, your own staff simply won’t have the contacts to ensure great deals on the best party venue or event space, whereas all good event management companies have huge contact books and can negotiate cheaper rates. You can find a great event management who are only too happy to show you examples of previous functions that they have helped to organise.  Off course you could take all your employees to Tank Driving Days  with companies like  This would mean all organisation is done through them in regards to tickets and a fantastic day of tank driving.

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Your own staff will quickly find that they have absolutely no spare time once they start working on a company event. A successful conference, party or other event takes days of careful planning, and your staff will soon discover that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. As we all know, stress and lack of time quickly lead to mistakes being made.

Bonnie Baldwin