Does the Color of Your 300-Gallon Water Storage Tank Matter?

Does the Color of Your 300-Gallon Water Storage Tank Matter?

When it comes to purchasing a water storage tank, many of us rarely think about what color it should be. We consider our job done as soon as we have decided to purchase, say, a 300-gallon water tank. However, color is something that we often brush aside.

Even if some of us take the time to consider the color the water tank should be, we are simply concerned with aesthetics. All we care about is that the tank looks good. But did you know that the importance of your tank’s color extends far beyond its appearance? Surprised? Continue reading to be taken aback even more!

The Color of Your Storage Tank Matters—Here’s Why:

Here are some reasons why you should be careful while choosing the color of your water storage tank.

It impacts algae growth.

We are all aware that drinking contaminated water is detrimental to our health. If the water in your tank is overrun with algae and bacteria, it can cause diseases, including diarrhea, typhoid, and hepatitis A. In serious cases, these diseases can be life-threatening.

Therefore, safe drinking water is critical. Surprisingly, the color of your water storage tank has a significant impact on how safe the water in your tank is. This is attributable to the fact that some algae and bacteria are light-sensitive. When exposed to sunlight, they grow and proliferate in the water.

Therefore, we recommended you use a black-colored water tank as it prevents light from passing through and reaching the tank water. This keeps the water free from bacteria and algae.

It can cause or prevent off-gassing.

Many products emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that they had absorbed during the manufacturing process. This is referred to as “off-gassing.” As it ages, your 300-gallon water storage tank will also go through the same process.

Furthermore, off-gassing becomes more apparent as temperatures rise. Off-gassing can occur if your plastic water tank is positioned directly in the sun. This will give your tank water a “plastic” taste. Of course, this is not ideal.

As you may expect, consuming these VOCs is hazardous to your health. It can irritate your throat, nose, or eyes, as well as induce headaches, and have an adverse impact on your neurological system.

However, you can prevent off-gassing by choosing the right color for your tank. Again, black tanks surpass all other colors in this case.

It impacts the water temperature.

The color of your water storage tank can also influence how warm or cold the water in the tank gets.

Everyone knows that black absorbs the most heat. Your black water storage tank is no exception! Tanks painted black will keep the water warm. Furthermore, if the tank is kept in direct sunlight, the water will heat up even more.

Keep the tank out of direct sunlight or use a color other than black if you want the water to be at room temperature. However, if you want constant access to warm water, place your black-colored tanks in direct sunshine and allow the water to heat up on its own. This warm water can be used for drinking, bathing, and washing.

There is another lesser-known benefit: energy savings. Yes, you can reduce your energy use by using black water tanks. Because the tank will heat your water faster and keep it hot for longer, you will not need to run any additional equipment that uses electricity to heat your water. We all know what that means: lower electricity bills. Now, who doesn’t want that?

It determines the durability.

Choose your color wisely if you want a long-lasting water tank. Because tanks are kept outside, they are subjected to direct UV rays. Although UV radiation is an effective disinfectant, it can also cause damage to your plastic water tank. It might cause cracks in your tank, which can lead to leaks. Not to mention how difficult and expensive it can be to patch these cracks.

However, if your water tank is black, it is far less vulnerable to this damage. This is attributable to the fact that black tanks are more resistant to UV rays. As a result, a black water tank will be more durable and last you longer.

There you have it: these are the many ways your storage water tank color is important. If you read all the way to the end, you would have noticed that black water tanks provide clear advantages over other colors. It is no surprise that they are the most popular water tanks on the market!

David Lockhart