Easy School Fundraisers

School fundraisers are a major way to raise all the money you need for your intended activities. There are many different ways to hold a school fundraiser, but we are all about the easy ones. School fundraisers go beyond only generating money for the school, it also has more positive effects on the school kids.

School fundraisers make a good platform for the kids to learn the act of service. It also helps them to learn teamwork and creativity. It is a major extra-curricular activity for the kids. Fundraising could be easy and not-so-easy at the same time. But you should look on the bright side and try out the easy school fundraisers that won’t cost you too much time, stress, or resources.  Fundraising Zone is the best place to start you school fundraising journey

Simple or not simple, we are all about having a successful and 100% profit school fundraiser, so here are some profitable and easy school fundraisers:

Recycling drive

Charge the students to bring every old cartridge, can, clothes, or mobile phones they can find. Partner with a recycling company and sell them off. You’ve just made some huge money for your school in a very easy way.

Recycled items do not cost anything to get as a lot of people have things lying around in the house useless. Instead of having them end up in the dustbin, you can have them used as school fundraisers. A good reason why this makes a perfect school fundraiser is that students find recycling drive as a fun activity to engage in, so it’s engaging, exciting, easy and 100% profitable.

Car wash

It’s no news that students enjoy extracurricular activities and won’t hesitate to participate energetically each time there is any. This is more reason why a car wash fundraiser will turn out amazingly well. Your fundraiser is as easy as setting up a car wash somewhere in your schoolyard. Get your staff and students to volunteer to wash parents’ and visitors’ cars over a little donation. This activity is usually easy and you may end up having more volunteers than you thought.

Sell school merchandise

The teachers can engage the students in selling off items that are no longer in use in the school e.g books and others. We all have books that we no longer use. Let your students bring those books in while you take them together with the ones that the school no longer use i.e books that are out of the school curriculum. Tell your students and staff to come to school with gently used unwanted books. Announce and promote the activity a couple of weeks in advance.

Costume day

Organize a costume day and get the students to participate. Let them dress in their favorite superhero costume. The costumes don’t have to be elaborate, they only need to be creative. Maintain a low budget costume. Get creative with superhero costumes and encourage parents and organizations to put in some donation. The costume fundraisers attract many donors and you can easily keep your costume for use another time.

Sports day

Maximize your sport day activities to raise funds for your school. Organize games and sports to create an opportunity for all children to be in one group or the other. Charge entrance to parents and spectators. You can also make drinks, food, and other merchandise available to maximize the fundraising.

Movie night

Bringing the kids together to watch a movie is one of the best school fundraisers. Movie night is great for all ages and classes. Whether kids in elementary, middle, or college, a movie night makes an easy school fundraiser. All you have to do is choose an age-appropriate movie to watch in your school hall so that the students and their families can have good screen time over an incentive. You can also team up with your local cinema to get a special rate for families.

Cleanup fundraiser

It will be easy to get people on board with a cleanup fundraiser project. Since everyone is pushing for a clean and healthy environment, it will be easy to get help from alumni, parents, and members of the community. The society will be more than willing to support you in cleaning up the environment.

Nicholas Jansen