Easy Tips to Control Pest in Your New Home

Easy Tips to Control Pest in Your New Home

You are set to move into your first home, Great! But before starting the unpacking of all your boxes and settling in for the night’s sleep, take some time for pest control. Remember pests can be a major problem in your home, be it bugs, moths, mosquitoes, rodents, or other small creatures.

In this article, you will come across some easy tips that can help you to control pests in your home.

Before moving in, deep cleaning is important 

Whether you are moving into a newly built home or old home, deep cleaning of the house is important. Make sure that outside and inside of cabinets is cleaned, mop floors properly, and clean appliances as well as fridge from the top, behind & underneath.

Inspect the attic 

In case, your home has an attic then pests might be nesting there. Right from rodents to bees, critters can make a shelter for themselves in your attic. It is necessary for you to clear their presence so that they are not destroying your home slowly.

Although, you can also make use of effective mosquito killer in order to get rid of mosquitoes and pests effectively.

Check the woodwork once 

If your house has been vacant for a while then it is vital to inspect the woodwork for infestation. You can do this yourself but it is better to hire pest control services in SingaporeA professional has better experience in detecting termites as well as other pests that might damage your structure.

Right from door frames to all the furniture present in your home, assess everything closely. In case, you come across the signs of termites then immediately take the help of termite pest control services.

Replace used mattresses

Using old mattresses in your new home is a big no because they might be infested with bed bugs. Dispose of them and immediately do bed bug control to kill the residual bugs.

Clean the yard 

It is vital to check your garage and yard because there might be digging animals or nesting critters present. Trim all the overgrown trees, shrubs, hedges as well as grasses to ensure there is nothing hiding.

In case, there is stagnant water then remove it because the water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It is always a good idea to get mosquito control done properly so that infestation can be prevented.

Call a professional pest control service

A full inspection done by a certified pest control company assure that prevailing pest problems are recognized and eliminated instantly. Not only this, but the professional will also give you some tips to control pests in your home so that future infestation can be prevented.

Even if you have already moved into your new home, you can get the inspection done by a pest control company.

Thus, following the above-stated tips can help you to make your home pest-free.

David Lockhart