Easy Ways to Maximize Your RV Gas Mileage

Easy Ways to Maximize Your RV Gas Mileage

It’s no secret that RVs utilize more fuel than the average mode of transportation even with modernized ecological standards. Those hitting the road for long distance adventures are sure to take a hefty hit to the wallet on gas alone, so finding ways to save money at the gas pump is essential. Here are some simple ways to keep that cash in your pocket when traveling by RV.

Take it Slow and Steady on the Road

Those speed inclinations, slowdowns, and stop and start traffic all profoundly affect the number of miles per gallon you get in your RV. Keeping your speed slow and steady and avoiding going pedal to the metal with boost your gas efficiency.

Maintain Proper RV Tire Pressure

The rubber rolling on the pavement impacts not only how smooth your ride is, but also how well your engine utilizes fuel. Under or over inflated tires can cost RV travelers up to two times as much in fuel consumption, so check tire pressure frequently when on the road.

Stay in Tune with Routine Maintenance

Regular oil changes, tune ups and necessary maintenance will promote smoother operations all around in your RV. Even if you are a DIY traveler, it’s vital to take your unit to a certified RV maintenance and repair center for major checkups on a routine basis, as they can help identify any potential issues beyond the norm.

Take Advantage of Fuel Finding Apps

Why waste time looking for good gas prices when they are readily available using free apps? With just a few clicks, you can quickly locate the cheapest fuel prices in your area and even obtain directions to get there at no cost to you. Gas Buddy and Fuel Finder are two popular apps for RVers looking to maximize on distance with less cash out-of-pocket.

Edward Powell